Student Clubs and Activities

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Student Media Helpers

  • Fifth grade student leadership role
  • Schedule: before school, after school, or during recess shifts
  • Duties: shelving, organizing, sorting, stocking, checking in and checking out of books


P.A.L.S., which stands for “Peers Available To Listen and Support”, is a special program offered at Olney Elementary. PALS are trained peer mediators in the fourth and fifth grades who are available during recess periods to support younger students. Their job is to assist students in getting along with others, resolving problem situations, and making friends. Peer mediators are students who demonstrate leadership, self motivation, responsibility, sensitivity, self control, and fairness. Olney benefits greatly from the continued efforts of our PALS. Less conflict at recess means that everyone gets to have more fun. Helping others is a wonderful example of what it means to be a PAL!

Safety Patrols 

There are many ways to demonstrate leadership skills at Olney Elementary School. Being a safety patrol is one way OES students can help others.

Olney safety patrols help ensure a safe and orderly environment in and around our school. Safety patrols serve the school community by assisting students on the way to school and back home again on the buses, day care vans, and at the crosswalks in the neighborhood. Each patrol is entrusted with the well being of students in their particular area. They also assist the kindergarten teachers by getting our youngest students in and out of the building safely each morning and at dismissal time. Three times each year they help lead the bus evacuation drill required of all MCPS schools. They serve every day; no matter what the weather and can be easily recognized by their bright safety belts and badges.

Being a safety patrol is a job. While other fifth grade students are talking at dismissal, safety patrols may be escorting a group of kindergarten students to their bus. While at the bus stop, other students have an opportunity to chat with friends but the safety patrols need to keep children out of the street and assist children when crossing the street. After arriving at school, patrols will have an assigned duty to supervise younger children.

Ms. Morse, our Physical Education teacher, is the patrol sponsor. The patrols of Olney Elementary School meet twice each month with Montgomery County Police Officer, Officer Gloster, for continuous training on bus and walker safety issues. Patrols are rewarded for their dedication and service by attending the patrol picnic at the Montgomery County Fair Grounds each May.



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