Phys Ed Physical Education @ OES

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The Physical Education students at Olney Elementary School are committed to participating in vigorous physical activities, individually, with partners, and in large groups, that foster: 

  • fitness
  • skill development
  • sportsmanship

Olney PE students will be able to display skills and practices of a physically active lifestyle and develop an attitude that values physical activity and its lifelong benefits.

Meet Ms. Morse, P.E. Teacher!

Amy M

I would like to introduce myself, Amy Morse, and welcome you to the Physical Education Department at Olney Elementary School! I am excited to be at Olney ES, as I grew up in Olney and went to Sherwood High School.  I graduated from the University of Maryland, where I earned a degree in Physical Education and a certification in Health Education. I am the head coach for the varsity field hockey team and assistant coach for the varsity softball team at Sherwood HS.

I have always been interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and have now embraced the chance to motivate our youth to become physically fit for life. I feel extremely privileged to help children learn how to be healthy at such a pivotal time in their lives. With encouragement from family, friends, and school I truly believe we all can impact our children by being positive and supportive. Let’s work together to help our Dragon students be the best they can be!







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