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Student Library Helpers

Managing the media center is a big job therefore Mrs. Perper depends on responsible students to help keep things running efficiently.

In September, Mrs. Perper advertises for the position of student library helper. Students interested in learning about the library as well as helping to keep the library media center and the computer lab neat, organized, and running smoothly must complete a short application that includes why they want this job and what skills they feel they can bring to the position. The application needs to be signed by both teacher and parent. Student library helpers receive on-going training from Mrs. Perper to help them acquire the skills necessary to perform their duties. They choose the volunteer schedule that works best for them, usually the last fifteen minutes of school day or during recess periods.

Former OES students come back and earn service hours by working as library assistants after school.

Thank you for making a difference @ the library! 

Birthday Book Club

Birthday AnimationBirthdays are special dates and you can make your child's birthday even more special by honoring them in a unique way . . . add a book to the Olney Media Center.  The Birthday Book Club is a wonderful way to foster a love of books and reading. It allows your child to share his or her special day and interests with classmates and future Olney Dragons.  Under this program, students, parents, grandparents or others may donate a book to the Olney Media Center. Book donations may be made at any time during the school year and not just in the actual birthday month of the student. Books may also be donated in honor of a special teacher, to commemorate a certain school year, holiday, or graduation from fifth grade. 

Mrs. Perper will have a selection of books available when a student brings in his/her request. These books will cover a variety of interests and reading levels. Thus the student will be able to see and choose a book on the day they bring in the request. If there is a specific title or author you wish to purchase please indicate this on the order form. Requests will be honored whenever possible provided that the requested book is on the county's list of approved titles and that the media center does not already have sufficient copies of it. Hardback books are best because they last longer through multiple check-outs.

A bookplate containing the name and birthday of the child in whose name the book is being donated will be placed inside the front cover of the book to acknowledge the gift. That child will be the first borrower of his/her book and will receive a special certificate. Students like to come in and "visit" the book they have presented to the media center. The books donated for this program will have a special place in the media center for one year and then will be shelved with the collection. Your contribution will be appreciated by our students for years to come.

The media center also welcomes donations of used books that are in good condition. See Mrs. Perper or Mrs. Hall if you are interested.

How to Donate a Birthday Book 

  1. Send a donation of $7.00 for a paperback book or $15.00 for a hardback book to Mrs. Perper. Checks should be made payable to Olney Elementary School. Place your donation in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and Birthday Book Club.
  2. Include a note with the payment containing the full name of the child in whose name the book is being donated with his/her complete birth date or commemoration. (electronic order form) pdf file
  3. Mrs. Perper will have several books available for immediate selection. Books will cover a variety of interests and reading levels, thus your child will be able to see and select a book on the day he or she brings in the request.
  4. Indicate if there is a specific book you would like purchased. Requests will be honored whenever possible, provided that the book requested is on the county’s list of approved titles and that the media center does not already have sufficient copies of it.
  5. The individual donating a book will be given a certificate acknowledging the donation and containing the name of the book that was purchased.

If you have any questions about the Birthday Book Club contact Mrs. Perper (301-924-3126).

Ink Jet Cartridge Recycling Program

RecycleWant an easy way to help the Olney Elementary School? Please send in empty inkjet cartridges for recycling. That’s right! Keep these materials out of the landfills and help our school at the same time. It's simple, ecological, and educational.  

Place your empty inkjet cartridges in a plastic bag and have your child drop them off in the Media Center. (no names needed) We will take care of the rest! Empty cartridges will be exchanged through the Staples Ink Recycle Program and OES will receive $2.00 for each cartridge we submit. This ongoing fund helps us to purchase additional ink cartridges for students and staff use throughout the year.

Thank you in advance for assisting with this project!

Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Program

Black Eyed Susan Award LogoOlney Elementary School is proud to be part of the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Program. Students participate in this program as part of their library media class instruction. Since 1992, the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award has honored outstanding books chosen annually by Maryland students. The purpose of the program is to “promote literacy and life-long reading” by encouraging students at all grade levels to read and enjoy quality, contemporary literature.

The award program is divided into five categories: Picture Book Award, and separate awards for chapter books in Grades 4-6, 6-9, and 9-12.  In 2014, Graphic Novels Grades 4-6 was added as a new category. Students who participate are required to read a certain number of books in a category before they may vote for their choice of the most outstanding. Votes are cast at the end of April and winners announced in early May.

  • List of new nominees for 2015 -2016.  Get a head start on next year's book list.  Great titles for summer reading.
  • List of 2014 -2015 Black-Eyed Susan nominees. If you missed some of these great books, read one now.  
  • See the official Black-Eyed Susan Book Award website for booklists, contest guidelines, past winners, etc. This award is sponsored by the Maryland Association of School Librarians. (MASL)

Winners 2014-2015

The results are in!  73,000 students voted. Congratulations to all who participated in the state book award program. Way to go Maryland readers! 

Picture Book Winner: The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt  
Grades 4-6: Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein  
Graphic Novels 4-6: Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity by Dave Roman
Grades 6-9: On the Day I Died: Stories from the Grave by Candace Fleming 
High School: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell    


Technology at Olney 

The Technology Modernization Program (Tech Mod) is the Montgomery County Public Schools' educational technology plan to equip and electronically connect all classrooms, media centers, and offices so that students and staff can access information and communicate both locally and globally. The overall purpose is to give every MCPS student and teacher ready access to essential computer-based technology tools.  Each student and staff member has an individual login to access the school computer network. 4 Netbook carts are shared throughout the building,  one TV tuner computer plus 4 Zinos reside in each primary classroom, 30 workstations are in the computer lab, and 16 in the media center where students learn to use a variety of programs to practice reading and writing skills, to perform research through databases or the World Wide Web, to practice keyboarding and Math, and to create and publish their own work, including multimedia presentations. Technology is integrated into all curriculum areas to enhance teaching and learning.

DNN (Dragon News Network) announcements are broadcast into the classrooms from the Communications Studio on Friday mornings. Students are learning much more than just video production. They are learning responsibility, how to take pride in their efforts, and how to work together collaboratively and confidently.

United Streaming is an online video-on-demand service which is part of our online resource package provided by the county. After logging into the
DE Streaming webpage
, teachers have access to:

  • 40,000 video content clips and 4,000 full video titles available for streaming and downloading
  • Image library with over 2,500 images
  • Calendar of important dates in history linked to video clips
  • Playlist(s) to bookmark video clips for later use
  • Clip Art Gallery with over 1,500 images

MCPS uses the "mCLASS reading assessment". All teachers in grades Kindergarten through second grade use PALM pilots to administer running records daily.

Third, fourth, and fifth graders take online reading assessments in the computer lab three times each year. Map-R (Measures of Academic Progress-Reading) is a computerized adaptive assessment program that provides teachers, students, and parents with an accurate assessment of students' progress in mastering basic reading skills. When administered at regular intervals over time, it is possible to find out whether an individual student, or an entire grade level, is making satisfactory progress in these basic skill areas. Teachers can use the assessment results for instructional planning for individual students or an entire class.

In the 21st century, the technology focus for all students is on learning how to access, analyze, apply, and synthesize information sources in today’s communication world to develop a lifetime of learning skills.

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