Health Room

We would like to introduce the Olney Health Room Staff.  Harriet Caplan, is a registered nurse employed by the department of Health and Human Services and assigned to your child’s school.  She will also be covering 2 other schools in the area. The Health Room is staffed daily by a School Health Room Technician, Heather Held. The Health Room Technician is there to provide first aid and administer medications.  It is important that the school has accurate home, work, and cell phone numbers, as well as emergency contact information, in the event a parent cannot be reached.  If you need to contact Ms. Held, e-mail her at

Some of the services that the school nurse provides include health assessments, crisis intervention, health counseling, case management, referral services and health education and promotion. Another service that is provided annually by the Department of HHS through the Health Room is vision and hearing screening.  This is done for all Kindergartners and First graders (who were not screened in the past calendar year), as well as those referred by staff or parent request.  It is my goal to work closely with school staff to ensure your child has a healthy, happy school year that will allow them to maximize their educational experience.

Medications Administered at School

Medications, both prescription and over the counter, must have the proper paperwork:

Medications MUST BE brought to school by a parent or guardian and must be properly labeled with the label instructions (a pharmacy label for prescription meds) matching those on the form.  We CANNOT accept medications brought to school by a student


When to Keep you Child Home from School

Please be alert to your child’s health and use your best judgement as to when to send him/her to school.  It is in your child’s best interest, as well as that of the other children and staff members, to keep your child home if they are not well.  We do recommend that they stay at home for 24 hours after vomiting or the last evidence of a fever without medicine.

Recommendations on when to keep your child home from school


The Flu: A Guide for Parents (CDC)

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