The Science Department PLC uses the inquiry process to provide rigorous instruction for all students. We partner with parents and students to ensure that all students can achieve academically and socially as they become knowledgeable and reflective citizens who make a positive impact on the world.


In order to ensure that all students are being challenged in inquiry based lessons, the members of the STED PLC will:

  • Collaborate on labs and inquiry projects.
  • Create and analyze common assessments.
  • Implement the design cycle 
  • Plan using Next Generation Science Standards.


Science Department

Ms. Aline Logbo

Content Specialist

Mrs. Kirsten M Abrahams-Ottley

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mr. Steven Fenchel

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mrs. Theresa S Phillips

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mr. Jeffrey S Popkin

Classroom Teacher Middle

Ms. Kelley M Schreiber

Classroom Teacher Middle

MCPS Science Curriculum