The goal of the Social Studies curriculum is to help create historically literate and well informed citizens who actively participate in a democratic society. 



This webpage is especially created for Parents and Students to preview and understand core curricula.  Since Montgomery Village Middle School is an International Baccalaureate world school, we approach Social Studies education through a concept based approach.  MYP individuals and societies encourages learners to respect and understand the world around them and equips them with the necessary skills to inquire into historical, contemporary, geographical, political, social, economic, religious, technological and cultural factors that have an impact on individuals, societies and environments. It encourages learners, both students and teachers, to consider local and global contexts.  MYP individuals and societies incorporates disciplines traditionally studied under the general term "the humanities" (such as history and philosophy), as well as disciplines in the social sciences (such as economics, business management, geography, sociology and political science).

Department Members:

Mr. Don L Milner

Content Specialist

Mrs. Natasha M Bero

6th Grade Team Leader

Mr. Robert Culhane

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mr. Jacob B Marsh

Classroom Teacher Middle

Mrs. Malwina P Mendoza

Classroom Teacher Middle

Ms. Madeline P Wodaski

Classroom Teacher Middle

MVMS Student Contests and Opportunities:    

6th Grade 
7th Grade 

Student resources to support learning and achievement in the social studies:

Individual & Societies Help:

All students can receive extra help from 2:45 - 3:15.

 Individuals & Societies Curricula