Student Activities

Student Government

The Maryvale SGA is a group of students (class representative and officers) who work together to promote a positive school experience and who organize programs to help the community. Every year we have a canned food drive, coat drive, participate in Pennies for Patients, and more. We are a group of unique leaders who want to make Maryvale Elementary School and it's community a better place.


Student Patrols

Maryvale Leadership...
Every patrol member (grades 4 + 5) sets a good example by knowing and practicing safe walking behaviors. Classmates may have to cross at places where there are no safety patrols to protect them. It is important that the patrols teach others how to cross the street safely. The purpose of our patrols is to help teach safety behavior and protect Maryvale students.


Hip Hop Literacy Club 

Hip Hop Literacy Club (HHLC) is a group that meets after school for students in grades 3,4,and 5.  HHLC helps us connect literacy skills with pop culture by using current pop songs that the students are interested in.   Students read along with the song lyrics as they are hearing the song for the first time.  After the introduction,  students use the lyrics to learn and strengthen different skills such as,  reading comprehension, phonics, and different parts of literature.  We incorporate these skills into different clubs where students make Power Point presentations, create lyrics using beats, creating album covers, practice problem solving and teamwork skills, and others.   


Here is what some of the student have to say about HHLC: 
Right now, we are working on the song “Move Your Body” by Beyonce.  We are going to be learning the dance moves and creating some posters that discuss topics about Health.  Check back in a few weeks to see our work!  Below are the links for the “Move Your Body” video.   

  • Video 1 is the original with Beyonce.  
  • Video 2 is the instructional video that will help you learn the dance!