Welcome to Maryvale ES

Principal, Susie Prin, with Assistant Principal, Matthew Bowerman. 

Our Vision/Mission:

Mission: All students at Maryvale Elementary School achieve excellence through caring relationships in a collaborative and engaging teaching and learning environment that considers children's individual and collective cognitive, emotional, and physical well-being. 


Vision: Maryvale Elementary School, in partnership with our community, promotes academic excellence,  social emotional well-being, social justice, and digital responsibility that fosters lifelong learning, respectful and responsible citizens.


Through our work to create an antiracist future, we will be using the following guiding principles from the Center for Anti-Racist Education:

Affirm the dignity and humanity of all people. 

  • Particularly students at the center of instruction
  • Ensure that no one feels unsafe, invisible, or unheard

Embrace historical truths.

  • Include multiple perspectives and balance stories of oppression with those of agency, resistance, and perseverance

 Develop a critical consciousness.

  • Humility and courage drive dialogues among students and educators that expose the hidden and visible ways racism manifests in individuals and societies

Recognize race and confront racism. 

  • Explicitly address bias, racism, power, privilege, and oppression

Create just systems.

  • Curriculum invites students to examine how policies and practices operate to impede or advance human potential