Book Fairy


Who is Maryvale's Book Fairy

The Book Fairy program was founded in June 2004 to increase literacy in the Maryvale ES community, where 61% of the students are on ‘free and reduced lunch’.

Our goal is to give each child a new book each month of the school year.

Thanks to the generous support of the students, parents and staff, the Book Fairy distributed books a total of 1,452 books its first year, and will be distributing its 10,000th book this year.

A large part of our increase in donations has come from the PTA.

Our goal is to offer monthly donations to all needy classes, grades pre-K through 5th grade, building a solid foundation for literacy and lifelong success in our community.

How can you help?

  • Help us find community sponsors.
  • Talk about our program.
  • Help us write a grant to garner more funds.
  • Give a dollar. Buy a book!
  • Send cash or check to the Maryvale PTA, c/o the Book Fairy. Your gift is tax deductible.

Mr. Sy is not the Book Fairy...


Ms. Cashman is not the Book Fairy...


Ms. Han is not the Book Fairy either!

Shh, we can't tell.