Media Center


The vision of the JLES media center staff is to be pro-active in instruction, technology, and our interactions with all students and staff at JLES.


Our mission is to provide all students and staff access to a variety of ideas, information, cultivate independent and effective use of information and encourage life-long reading and learning habits.

Student-Friendly Search Engines

Online Resources


The Jones Lane Media Center provides instruction, support, and materials for students and staff. The Media program, as an extension of the classroom, encourages lifelong learning and the independent use of information resources. The Media Center features an automated circulation system, a networked Research and Learning Hub, and a Computer Lab that provides students and staff with access to the Internet and other resources.
The Media Center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. Students can check out new books throughout the day. All students may check out books according to the following guidelines: kindergarteners and 1st graders check out one book, 2nd graders check out 2 items including magazines, third, fourth, and fifth graders check out 3 items including magazines. Each loan period is two weeks. Please encourage your child to check out books as often as possible. The more your child reads, the better reader your child will be.
In addition to Media Center regular and research classes, we also broadcast live Dayline TV shows every Monday and Friday. Over 60 fifth grade students will participate in this fun activity this year. They rotate jobs and learn how to create a TV production.

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