2019-2020 Outstanding Students

The ITF and its teachers would like to recognize the following outstanding students from the 2019-2020 school year.  Below, our ITF teachers shared about their exemplary students.  


Clarksburg High School  

Network Operations- Mr. James' Class  

Jude Williamson (Senior)

Jude was a very inspirational student.  He was always eager to learn new concepts and shared in classroom discussions with others.


P-Tech Network Operations Outstanding Student- Mr. James' Class  

Evelyn Jiang (Sophomore)

Evelyn was extremely motived to learn about computers and how they operated.  She was very inquisitive about new computer concepts. 


Edison High School 

Network Operations- Mr. Hegler's Class  

Josiah Altschuler (Junior)

Josiah had an all-around strong personality with a passion for technology and learning. He demonstrated a high level of integrity in academics and social interactions.