College Credits available to Network Operations Students

The following schools will provide college credit to Network Operations students that have passed CompTIA certification examinations. Some provide credit through special Articulation Agreements that have been worked out between the respective colleges and MCPS. Others provide immediate credit upon presentation of your CompTIA test report to the appropriate office at the college (usually the Admissions or Registrar’s office).

Articulation Agreements

Procedure – Contact your Clarksburg or Edison's High School's Counseling Services office to obtain the needed forms that you will take to the college.  You will then submit those forms to the school at time of admission and the credits will be recorded on your college transcript. For questions, e-mail 

The requirements for articulation agreements include successful completion of the Network Operations course, and completion of the CompTIA certification applicable to each course for which credit will be granted.

You'll also find important information in the MCPS College/Career Planning Guide

Attention current and former students - You can provide your CompTIA certification transcripts directly and securely from CompTIA to colleges and employer. Log in at this URL, you will need your CompTIA username (generally begins with COMPxxxx) and password:

Montgomery College

Credits Applicable Programs
Up to 9 A.A.S., Network and Wireless Technologies  
Microcomputer Technician Certificate
Network Engineer Certificate
Wireless Technologies Certificate
Articulated MC Courses CompTIA Certifications required for credit award
NW127 Microcomputer Control Programs (3 Credits)
NW140 Microcomputer Configuration and Installation (3 Credits)
NW151 Introduction to Networking (3 Credits) Network+

Hagerstown Community College

Credits Applicable Program(s)
Up to 9 Information Systems Technology:
Computer Support Specialist A.A.S.
  Information Systems Technology:
Computer Support Specialist Certificate
  Information Systems Technology:
Database Management A.A.S.
  Information Systems Technology:
Networking Technology A.A.S.
  Information Systems Technology:
Networking Technology Certificate
  Information Systems Technology:
Operating Systems Specialist Certificate
  Information Systems Technology:
Programming A.A.S.
  Information Systems Technology:
Technical Specialist I, II, & III Certificates
Articulated HCC Courses CompTIA Examination required for credit award
IST150- PC Tech: Repair & Troubleshooting (3 credits) A+ Core (Hardware)
IST151- PC Tech Operating Systems (3 credits) A+ Operating Systems
IST154- Networking Basics (3 credits) Network +

Capitol College

Credit Applicable Programs(s)
6 Credits Telecommunications Engineering Technology, B.S.
Articulated Capitol College Course CompTIA Certifications required for credit award
TC-191 Computer Architecture and Networking (6 credits) A+ Certification
  Network + Certification

DeVry University

Credits Applicable Program(s)
Up to 6 Network Systems Administration: A.A.S.
  Network & Communications Management, B.S.
Articulated DeVry Courses CompTIA Examination required for credit award
COMP- 129 PC Hardware and Software with Lab (3 credits) A+ Core (Hardware and A+ Operating Systems
NETW- 202 Introduction to Networking with Lab (3 credits) Network+

Community College of Baltimore County

Credits Applicable Program(s)
Up to 16 Credits Network Technology: A.A.S.
Articulated CCBC Courses CompTIA Examination required for credit award
CINS 141- Introduction to PC Operations and Repair (4 credits) A+ Core (Hardware)
CINS 232- Computer Systems Operations, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting (4 credits) A+ Operating Systems
DCOM 101 Introduction to Data Communications (4 credits) and DCOM 251- Local Area Networks- Net+ (4 credits) Network+

Direct Credit for CompTIA A+/Network+ Certification, By State

The information below was derived from CompTIA. These are colleges, arranged by state, that accept both A+ and Network+ certifications for college credit. There are additional colleges, including schools abroad, that accept these certifications for credit. However, only regionally-accredited schools located within the US and known to be offering 7 or more credits for the two certifications (A+/Network+) are listed here.

In addition to the schools on this list, there are a number of other colleges that accept CompTIA certifications for credit. Consult the registrar’s office and/or computer science department of the school that you are interested directly to find out. Feedback for list updates to is very much appreciated.

State School Credits Course Numbers/ Titles
Alabama Lawson State Community College 9 CIS268- Software Support (3)
Arizona University of Advancing Technology   unknown Per information on UAT student Intranet, as of June 2010: "Industry recognized certifications are eligible for transfer. Certifications through Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc. and the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) are commonly transferred. Students may submit links to transcripts and/or copies of certification(s) earned to either their Enrollment Coordinator or the Transfer Credit Specialist directly."
Colorado Northeastern Junior College   10 CNG 121, CNG 122- Computer Technician I & II: A+ (7)
      CNG 124- Network Fundamentals: Network + (3)
Delaware Delaware Technical & Community College   7 CIS 125- Windows Based Operating Systems (4)
      CIS 194- Networking Technologies (3)
Idaho Lewis-Clark State College 11 ISATI 103 & ISATI 104 1- Intro/Info Sys Analyst & Fund/ Microcomputers (4 cr. per course for A+ Core and A+ OS)
Illinois College of Du Page 9 CIT 2231- A+ Core (3)
      CIT 2233- A+ Operating Systems (3)
      CIT 2235- Data Communications & Networking (3)
Massachusetts Springfield Technical Community College   9 PROG-140 & PROG- 240- Computer Maintenance (6)
      PROG-412- Networks 1 (3)
Michigan Kalamazoo Valley Community College 9 CIS 115- PC Hardware Installation & Configuration (3)
      CIS 110- PC Operating Systems (3)
      CIS 221- Networking Essentials (3)
Michigan Baker College *   12 CIS106A and CIS107A Hardware and OS Concepts and Troubleshooting PC's (8)
      NET 121B- Essentials of Networking (4)
*Programs available either face-to-face at multiple campuses, or fully online.
Ohio Terra State Community College 9 EET 288- Adv. Topics- A+ Certification (5)
      EET 288- Adv Topics- Networks + Certification (4)
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Area Community College (Lancaster, PA) 16 IT200, IT201, IT020 - Certification Technician program (10)
      IT203- Computer Networking Technologies (6)
Pennsylvania Peirce College (Philadelphia, PA) 9 NET103- A+ Course I & II (6)
      NET102- Data Comm Technologies (3)
Pennsylvania Drexel University* (Philadelphia, PA) 9^ CT 100- Microcomputer Hardware (3^)
      CT 120 - Microcomputer Operating Systems (3^)
      CT 140- Network Administration I (3^)
*Available as face-to-face/ online hybrid at Philadelphia campus or fully online.
^Quarter- hour credit system used
Texas Clarendon College (Pampa, TX) 8 ITSC 1405- Introduction to PC Operating Systems (4)
      ITNW 1425- Fundamentals of Networking
Texas Richland College (Dallas, TX) 8 ITSC 1425- PC Hardware (4)
      ITNW 1421- Introduction to Networking (4)

ECPI College of Technology(Virginia Beach, VA)

8 CET 100 A+Prep (5)
      NET 156- Network+ Prep (3)
West Virginia Community and Technical College of Shepherd (Martinsburg, WV) 10 IT- 179 Introduction PC (1)
      IT- 180 PC Repair and Troubleshooting (3)
      IT- 181 Operating Systems (3)
      IT- 200 Networking Fundamentals (3)

Note: 3 credits awarded (IT-200) for Network+. 7 credits (IT179, IT180, IT181) awarded for holders of full A+ (both Core HW and OS exams). 3 credits if only one A+ exam has been passed (IT 180 for Core HW or IT-181 for OS). Contact person: Dr. Kelly Wright

Wyoming Laramie County Community College (Cheyenne WY) 9 MSFT 1990- A+ Computer Support (10)
      MSFT 2578- Networking Essentials (4)
Online Kaplan University 10 IT 190- Computer Hardware and Operating Systems (5)
      IT 253- LAN Concepts (5)
  Excelsior College 4 n/a