Media Center

We hope that you will enjoy coming here to choose books, hear a story, and do research. Our goal is to help you become lifelong learners.


Ms. Pat Bean: Media Specialist

Ms. Sandy Carroll: Media Assistant


The Media Center is open every school day. During the school day, you may come in at any time (with your teacher's permission) to return or check out materials.


Students in Kindergarten may check out one book for two weeks at a time.

Students in Grades 1-5 may check out two books, or one book and one magazine, for two weeks at a time.


  • You may not check out any materials if you have an overdue book or magazine. A notice will be sent home if the student has an overdue book.
  • You may check out Core Books (used for classroom instruction) in addition to your free choice reading materials.
  • Reference books may be checked out overnight with Ms. Bean's permission.
  • Students are responsible for paying for lost and/or damaged materials.


Remember that the words in books, magazines, and the computer are owned by the author who wrote them. You MUST put the information into your own words and/or give credit (cite the source) for the information used.

How to Choose a Book

Think about a subject you are interested in or would like to know more about. Perhaps you would like to read another book by an author you have already enjoyed. Decide whether you want fiction or nonfiction. Use the patron's catalog to locate books (their call numbers). When you find the book, look at the cover and illustrations. Read the inside of the book jacket to learn more about the book. Read a page in the book. Use the five-finger rule to decide if the book is too easy or too difficult for you. If it is just right for you, go check it out! If not, put it back on the shelf in the right spot and search for another book.


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