Math at Glenallan

Mrs. Brophy shares…

What’s Happening in Math 

Below are different math concepts being practiced at each grade level and strategies to help!

Kindergarten: Kindergarteners are working on different counting strategies to help them solve addition and subtraction problem situations. Strategies that they are exploring are using objects, fingers, sounds/actions, and drawings. For example to add 5+4 children many use counters or cubes to show a group of 5 and a group of 4. They may use their fingers to show 5 fingers on one hand and four fingers on the other hands to add 5+ 4. They may jump 5 times and then jump another 4 more times. Lastly, then can draw a picture than represents 5+ 4. 

Below are some web links to continue exploring counting strategies at home.
Addition With Manipulatives
Glencoe Virtual Manipulatives
Something’s Missing
Rabbit Takeaway  


First Grade: First Graders are working on adding and subtracting double digit and single digit numbers using their place value strategies. We are practicing on how to compose or make a ten to help us count more quickly.

MATH 0515 1st Grade

Second Grade: Second Graders are adding (composing) and subtracting (decomposing) two and three digit numbers using our written methods. 


Third Grade: Third Graders are working on using our addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division strategies to solve multi-step word problems. It is a goal that all of our Third Graders will know all their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division basic facts. Please continue to practice your basic fact every night at home!

Below are two websites that can help with your basic facts and solving word problems!

More Help with Word Problems: Mr. Nussbaum Multi-Operational Word Problems 

More Help With Basic Facts: Learn Alberta Under the Sea 


Fourth Grade: Fourth Graders are using what they know about fractions in order to read, write, and represent decimals in order to solve addition equations involving decimals. Students are also modeling their addition of decimals with decimal squares.

This is an example of a decimal square used to solve 0.3 + 0.03.


Multiplying Decimals


Fifth Grade: Fifth Graders are multiplying and dividing decimals using decimal arrays.

 MATH 0515 4-5TH GRADE 

Dividing decimals:


37 ÷ 0.1 = 370

Think of the equation like this, 

37= 37.0 or 370 tenths

How many equal shares of 1 tenth are in 370 tenths? 370 equal shares. 370 is your answer.


Another example:

10.4 ÷ 0.4= 26

Think of the equation as 104 tenths divided by 4 tenths. How many equal groups of 4 tenths can be divided into 104 tenths. The answer is 26.