School History

Glenallan Elementary, built in 1966, is located along Randolph and Glenallan Avenue.  The original site has grown to gain two small additions; the most recent addition opened in September 1992. Glenallan has continued to grow, and is over capacity with six portable units on site.  Glenallan has a student enrollment of 385 students; student enrollment figures are projected to increase slightly over the next few years.


The student population at Glenallan represents the demographics of the Down County Consortium and the Kennedy cluster - a socio-economically and culturally diverse community.  Housing in the Glenallan community consists of several apartment complexes, detached homes, and townhouse developments.  Racial groups are represented as follows: 40% Hispanic, 12% White, 32% African American, and 12% Asian.  ESOL services are provided to approximately 25% of our student population.

School Programs

Glenallan has a staff of 62 professional and support positions.  There are full time positions in reading, ESOL, counseling, resource, media, speech, math support, and staff development.  The educational program includes Head Start through fifth grade and two self-contained programs for students with disabilities.

Over the years, Glenallan is proud to have initiated and/or implemented several programs to support the various needs of our students: student enrichment programs, student recognition, character education, service club, science club, Hispanic heritage club, energy patrols, safety patrols, a yearbook, Jump Rope for Heart, Reading Recovery, Soar to Success, Ruth Rales, all day kindergarten, and reduced class size initiatives in K-2.  Students and staff members also participate in several philanthropic activities throughout the year.  Emphasis on improving mathematics and reading through quality teacher training and monitoring student progress has contributed to academic gains measured by local and state assessments.  Glenallan continues to make AYP every year in grades 3, 4, and 5 on Maryland State Assessments, including this year 2007-08.

 Glenallan parents contribute to the educational program through volunteering, special project participation, and PTA.  Parent enrichment activities have included: International Festival, African American History Month, Silent Auction/Bingo, Welcome Back Picnic, School Beautification, Family Fun and Fitness, Book Fair, and a host of other family and community events.

The school community is proud to have connections with Glenmont Shopping Center, Brookside Gardens, and Kennedy High School’s LTI program and child development center.  Currently Glenallan has a joint occupancy day care program serving approximately 50 students before and after school.