Counseling websites recommended for students

  •  The Can Do! web site offers stories, activities, and resources to help create a better understanding and deeper appreciation of how people can overcome their challenges and reach their dreams by using their abilities and a "can-do" attitude.     
  • This site teaches you how to be prepared for disasters and prevent disaster damage. You can also learn what causes disasters, play games, read stories and become a Disaster Action Kid.     
  •  I'm McGruff the Crime Dog - world famous for my advice on how to stop crime before it happens, and for my great sense of humor. But seriously, my job is to help people, especially kids, learn how to be safe and make their neighborhood safer.   
  • This site was created for kids by kids! Our audience is children ages 9-16+ who are interested in stopping bullying, promoting tolerance, and learning about different cultures and religions. 
  • Explore interesting jobs in our virtual community of workplaces.         
  • BAM! Body and Mind, launched by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, uses games and quizzes to help children learn social survival skills (bullies, peer pressure, arguments with friends).        
  •  The "Out on a Limb" website is an interactive guide to getting along. The site presents a conflict situation and then gives kids the opportunity to try different methods of solving the problem. Activities to accompany the story are also included.      
  • Take A Stand. Lend A Hand. Stop Bullying Now. Visit this website to learn about bullying and how to help yourself when you are the victim of a bully. The site includes games, webisodes (animated stories), and information.   
  • is a website created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This website is a useful resource for girls with fun, interactive, and reliable health information on topics such as: bullying, relationships, nutrition, safety, fitness, drugs/alcohol/smoking, and more.