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We are pleased to bring you Falcons On Film, a photo documentary of a typical day in the life of a Fields Road student.

In the winter of 2013, parents and school staff worked together in a Study Circle to identify the ethnic barriers that prevent African American and Hispanic students from achieving at higher levels, and to brainstorm
how we can collaborate to support success for all students. The group also discussed how we could increase parent involvement in our school. As a result, Falcons on Film, an afterschool club, was created to give Fields Road
Elementary School (FRES) parents a window into their children’s school day!

With financial support from the City of Gaithersburg and the FRES PTA, school staff helped grades 2-5 student club to create scenarios depicting their daily school experiences.  The students planned, photographed, wrote
captions and edited the scenarios. While we learn about their world from their work, our students also grew from the experience.  Enjoy their presentation!

Entering Into The School  
Entrando al Edificio 

Morning Line-Up 
Formando Fila por la Mañana 

Morning Routine 
Rutina de la Mañana

Falcon News 
Noticias Falcon
 獵鷹新聞(Falcon News)  



Health Room 
Enfermería Escolar 

Fire Drill 
Simulacro de Incendio 

Art, Music & PE 
Arte, Música, y Educación Física 

Computer Lab 
Laboratorio de Computación 

Media Center/Library 
Centro de Medios/Biblioteca 


Dimissal: Car Riders 
Hora de Salida:
Estudiantes Que Vienen
a la Escuela en Automóvil

放學: 坐私家車  

Dismissal: Riding The Bus 
Hora de Salida: Viajando en el Autobús Escolar 
放學: 坐校車  


We would like to thank our Falcons On Film students. They are Kelly Adams, Andrew Feinstein, Sudul Mandara, Naomi Peter, Sophia Marks, Tomas Rebelatto, Eliyana Yonas, Eric Yu, Tsaga Asmerom, Dinelka Jagoda, Sara Medwin, Desiree Ofori, Kyla Alalouf, Skylar Garner, Nicole Irahola, Nadula Kaddawedduwa, Ethan Kaplan, and Alison Wang.

Mrs. Bushman and Mrs. Woods