Vision and Mission

Vision: We believe every child deserves to flourish in a safe, positive, and collaborative school community that empowers and academically prepares them to become knowledgeable participants in a global society.

Mission: At Fields Road Elementary School, our mission is to inspire an appreciation for diversity, motivate innovative thinkers, and develop empathetic, responsible world citizens.

About our school 

Falcons are known among birds for utilizing their sharp eyesight, exceptional flying skill and good intelligence to thrive in their environment. At Fields Road ES we are proud to be called Falcons. How do we nurture success in our school community of falcons young and old?

  • We encourage every child to love learning by being open and inclusive of many learning styles. Preparation for college starts here. We guide our children to know that their ideas are important and their efforts will be rewarded.
  • We see diversity as our biggest strength. It is a gift to be an international community where we learn as much from each other as we do from our curruculum.
  • We know that our families are our greatest resource. You are your child's first and most important teacher. We value your partnership to guide our children to greatness.
  • We recognize that school is about more than academics. Throughout their years at Fields Road, children are guided to be respectful, responsible, dedicated, and safe individuals. We are proud of our children as people as well as learners.