Carlos Rodriguez

Michelle Scanlan

Welcome to the webpage for Farmland Elementary’s Art Department. During the school year, students will experience and learn about art through the following units of instruction:

Book Arts

For more information on Montgomery County’s Elementary Art curriculum, visit the MCPS Visual Arts web site

Keeping the Art Room Green

One way you can support our Art department at Farmland is by the donation of old or recyclable items. Several items that you would usually throw away can be reused for different art projects or help out with organization in the art room.

Empty Paper Towel Rolls Wallpaper Sample Books or Scraps
Empty Plastic Containers (Butter Tub, Sour Cream, Cake Frosting) Old Calendars (Animals, Landscapes, Portraots, Still-Life)
Empty Clementine Case Old Coffee Table Art Books
Empty Styrofoam Egg Cartons Old National Geographic Magazines
Empty Coffee Cans (Tin or Plastic) Colorful Wrapping Paper Scraps
Empty Plastic Take-Out Containers Old Buttons or Ribbon Scraps
Old Tupperware Craft Feathers or Pony Beads
Old Wicker Baskets Old Broken Crayons
Fake Flowers, vegetables, fruit or leafs Large Plastic Libs
Mat Board or Foam Core Scraps  

Cleaning that Mess!

With the use of paint, glazes, clay, and, ink, Art class can be a huge mess. And sometimes that mess comes home on your student. While a majority of our materials are washable, some stains seem to be impossible to remove. For stains on my clothing, I use Shout Ultra Gel for spot treatment. It works.

Art Links


Still have more questions about Farmland's Art Department? Interested in volunteering or having donations for the Art Department? Concerns about your student in art? Please contact Mr. Rodriguez via email.