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We understand that going to college can be an expensive investment. Most students cannot afford to attend a college, university, or trade school without the help of some type of financial aid. For many students, taking out student loans is the only option to be able to afford tuition and other school-related expenses. If you are considering taking student loans, make sure you understand the different loan types and the costs before you borrow. has created a helpful guide explaining the different types of loans available to students. They have also created a guide explaining unfair student loan practices and how to protect yourself. Take a look at these helpful resources as you start doing research. Below you will see links to other, helpful sites.

Check out the Wells Fargo "Financial Aid Journey in 5 Steps" PDF. This helpful tool provides both an interactive eBook and videos to help students learn about the importance of completing the FAFSA, estimating college costs, exploring financing options, and more. - a FREE resource to help students and families plan and pay for college.

Important Financial Aid Links - Federal Student Aid Home. - Free Application for Federal Student Aid website. This is where you sign up for financial aid. Very Important!

Maryland College Aid Processing System (MDCAPS) - MDCAPS is MHEC's comprehensive financial aid system that allows us to process State scholarship applications and allocate funds more efficiently using today's technology.

  • If you qualify for MD State Aid based on your FAFSA, you must register and fill out the application on this site!

Maryland Higher Education Commission - Excellent website and will explain all of the Maryland state financial aid programs.

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