Attention all Cold Spring Volunteers

 Cold Spring Volunteer Information

Visitors and Volunteers 

Parent and community volunteers may return to Cold Spring Elementary School to support in-person instruction, activities, and special events as the schools deem appropriate or necessary. We appreciate the time and efforts that parents, families, and community members spend to engage in volunteer activities in our school, from kindergarten to fifth grade, and welcome this partnership with teaching and learning. 

Please review all Volunteer Info here.


Steps to Complete for MCPS Volunteers
1.  Volunteer Form

Complete the MCPS Parent/Guardian and Community Volunteer Form or the MCPS Volunteers in the Virtual Classroom form as appropriate. These forms serve as an introduction of yourself, your interests and availability in volunteering, and some important reminders about volunteers in schools. 

2.  Online Training

Complete the two part mandatory online Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect Training and the Vaccination attestation component. This two part training is required for any volunteer who regularly supports schools, chaperones a field trip, etc. and is available in multiple languages. When the course is completed, a report is created to serve as proof of satisfying the training requirement.

Instructions for Parents/Guardians Only

A ParentVUE account is needed to access and complete the Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect training. If you have already activated your ParentVUE account, refer to the support guide linked above and follow the steps below:

  1. Login to:
  2. Go to the “Parent Resources” tab
  3. Navigate to “myMCPS Classroom”
  4. Click on the “Resources” folder
  5. Click the link for “Volunteer Training”

        Enroll, go to, and complete the training course.

3.  Contact School

Contact the school(s) where you wish to serve and provide them with a copy of the following: