Physical Education 

 Mr. Baude & Mrs. Innacelli-Rippen

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Welcome to the world of Physical Education, where fitness comes first. Each unit, at each grade level, focuses on knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a healthy level of fitness for a lifetime. This includes the ideas of cardio-respiratory endurance (getting your heart rate up), strength, flexibility, goal setting, teamwork, and movement skills. 

Mission Statement 

In Physical Education class at Clearspring ES, the students will be dedicated to learning about and participating in activities that: 

  • Improve and maintain a healthy physical fitness level 
  • Teach them to eat good foods and make healthy life choices 
  • Help them become more efficient movers in space 
  • Improve their skill in sport settings 
  • Help understand how the body works together to move 

And, most importantly… 

  • Help them to solve problems and respect each other and themselves as teammates and friends  
  • Energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion. Get Moving - Click on this link -    


16-'17 Jump Rope for Heart