Welcome to the Student Government Association of Clearspring, 18-19

SGA Officers 2018-1019

 President Kwaku Okrah.  Vice President, Max Rosenhaft, Secretary, Pranahitha Kanuparthi

 February Happenings 2019

  •  Our February spirit day is going to be crazy hair day on Friday, February 22nd.  Our February philanthropy is going to support Comfort Cases, an organization that helps children entering foster care by providing them with a suitcase filled with comfort and hygiene items. Collections will be gathered in a box under the SGA bulletin board in the front lobby. Here is a link to their website if anyone wants more details: https://www.comfortcases.org/
  • We also had Mrs. Teti come to our meeting representing the literacy committee to talk about Read Across America Week (RAAW). We are going to use RAAW as a week-long kick-off to help promote a longer school-wide reading initiative. RAAW doesn’t start until March 4th so more details about that will be coming out as we finalize the details, but it will be similar to previous years, e.g. Seussian spirit days each day of the week, trivia questions on the a.m. announcements… 

January Happenings 2019 

  • Our January philanthropy will benefit the American Red Cross. We will collect clothing items that we will then donate to the American Red Cross’s partner GreenDrop. GreenDrop specializes in raising funds through the collection and sale of donated clothing. The money from the sale of our donated clothing items will then go the American Red Cross to help fund their disaster relief efforts. Items that we can accept as donations include: sweaters, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, t-shirts, sleepwear, and jeans. All donated items must be new, or gently used and still in usable condition. 
  • Our spirit day for January will be Twin Day on Friday, January 25th. Pick a friend, or a couple of friends, and dress alike.  
  • Student Newspaper, Husky Times, January News

December Happenings

  •  Our philanthropy is a winter coat drive. We will be collecting new and gently used winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves. We will start collecting immediately through January 9th. For now, I’ll put a box under the SGA bulletin board at the front of the building to place donations. 
  •  Our spirit day will be comfy cozy reading day on Friday, December 21st. This is the day where students wear pajamas, no slippers though, and bring a book, blanket, small pillow, and flashlight, and a few times throughout the day we ask teachers to turn the lights off in their rooms and allow students to get comfy and cozy somewhere in the room and read by flashlight.   

 November Happenings

  • Spirit Day: Our spirit day for November is going to be Sports/Jersey Day on Friday, November 30th
  • Philanthropy: Our November philanthropy is A Million Thanks. A Million Thanks is an organization that collects letters of support and encouragement, and mails them to active military personnel stationed overseas. W We are asking that every homeroom gives their students, at some point in the month of November, a few minutes to write an anonymous letter of support to those currently serving in our military even if it is just once during morning work. 
  • K and 1st, we can create a template with a sentence starter and a place for a picture to give to your kids to help them.  
  • Here is the link to the website if you want further info.  A Million Thanks Website
  • Student Newspaper, Husky Howl November News

School Year 17-18

Howl Student Newspaper

April News


  • Our Pennies for Patients fundraiser is continuing until Friday, May 11th. As of April, 27th - after two weeks – we’ve collected $884.20. That’s more than half-way to our school-goal of $1,500. So far, the top five classes are: 
  •  Mrs. Marrama - $164.05 
  •  Mrs. Bizzell - $125.94 
  •  Mrs. Stroot - $113.22 
  •  Mrs. Obstgarten - $78.53 
  •  Mrs. Keller - $65.41 
  • We also have 3 more classes that have collected more than $50; Mrs. Beam, Mrs. Pearcy, and Mrs. Hobbs. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this fundraiser! 
  • To celebrate School Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week, next week we will be making a banner to hang up outside the cafeteria for Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ziranski. The banner will be a big salad that says “Lettuce tell you how much we appreciate you!” decorated  with vegetable-shaped cutout notes of thanks from the students. The SGA students wrote a bunch of the notes yesterday in our meeting, and the plan is to put some of the vegetable-shaped cutouts in each teacher’s mailbox so that non-sga students can write a thank you note too. 
  • Our spirit day will be Beach day on Friday, May 25th. 


 March News

 Our spirit day is Hollywood Day. It will be held on Friday, March 16th. Dress up in your designer clothes and be ready to walk the blue carpet when you come in; there may even be some paparazzi crashing the event.

To say thank you to our bus drivers and building service workers, for our March philanthropy SGA reps will be sacrificing 1-4 recesses to help make gifts to give the bus drivers and help clean-up the courtyard.

Again, a huge thank you to everyone for participating in and supporting Read Across Clearspring week. The reps gave us a ton of positive feedback about it in our meeting.

Clean up 2018 Clean up 2


February News 

Feb. 26th through March 2nd, we will have a Read Across America week


Spirit Days – Based on a Dr. Seuss book

Monday, Feb. 26th – The Lorax – Wear a moustache

Tuesday, Feb. 27th – 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – K, 2nd, and 4th wear red; and 1st, 3rd, and 5th, wears blue

Wednesday, Feb. 28th – Wacky Wednesday – Mismatch Day, dress crazy

Thursday, Mar. 1st – Oh, The Places You’ll Go! – Career Day – dress like what you want to be

Friday, Mar. 2nd – Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Cat in the Hat – dress up like a twin.


 January News 

  • We are helping to promote Jump Rope for Heart. This year’s goal is to raise $13,000. If we meet it we get to slime Mr. Baude and Mr. Voigt. The kick-off assembly is Jan. 31st. Mr. Baude is really trying to encourage online donations this year, but packets will go out after the kick-off assembly for students who wish to collect physical donations.
  • Second, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. we our teaming up with the PBIS committee to support the organization Comfort Cases. Next week only, Jan 16th-19th, we will be collecting items to donate. Comfort Cases puts together a backpack or duffel bg filled with items to give to children entering into the foster care system. We decided to split up the items by grade level to help even out the donation, but anyone can still bring in any of the items. The grade level break-down is as follows:
    •  Kindergarten: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, 1st Grade:  pens, pencils, crayons, coloring books,  2nd Grade: shampoo & conditioner, lotion, 
    • 3rd Grade: pajama set, stuffed animal, 4th Grade:  small blanket, 5th Grade:  backpack/small bag
    Students can also donate their paws, similar to what we’ve called in the past “paws for a cause.” For every 100 paws that are donated by students Clearspring will donate a complete case. There is a box under the SGA bulletin board to collect the physical items, and there will be a box in the office to collect the paws.   

Spirit Days - Video Links

Hollywood Spirit Day, 3-16-18, part I

St. Patty's & Hollywood Spirit Day Part II

 Hollywood Spirit Day, 3-16-18, part I

 Dr. Suess Spirit Week

JRFH Wrap Up Assembly

Jump Rope Warrior Assembly, 2-21-18

 Blue and White Assembly, K-3 

JRFH Kick Off Assembly, 1-13-18

Deck the Doors
Comfy Cozy Day
Holiday Sing-a-Long

DHS Band

Ugly Sweater Spirit Day, 12-15 

 Twin Day, 11-17

KG & 4th BTSN

Halloween 2017

Pajama Day, 10-20

Trunk or Treat, 10-23

BTS Picnic, 8-31  

 Ugly Sweater Spirit Day, 12-15-17

ugly sweater student 

 Canned Food Drive Smashing Success!

 sga food drive 2017

First of all we need to thank everyone for participating in this year’s food drive; it’s only successful because everyone promotes, encourages and participates. The amount of times I’ve been stopped in the hallways by students and asked who’s class is winning is a testament to everyone’s enthusiasm for the event. The number of students who have gleefully approached me and said “wait till you see how much our class has today, you’re gonna be so impressed!” and then are been proven right when I check their class, is humbling.

We are extremely proud to be the sponsors of the SGA and a Clearspring Husky today because we more than doubled the amount that we collected last year. The end total collected is 2,649 non-perishable food items!!!; that’s an absurd amount of food to collect in less than a month. The donations will be going to The Manna Center food bank in Rockville to be distributed all across Montgomery County.   

Now there was a prize to be won, and I wish I could include more than one class because there were quite a few that had incredible participation, but everyone should feel a sense of pride for the level of altruism showed by our school. In the end the top class was Mrs. Obstgarten’s who donated 1,083 items. congratulations to them, and enjoy the PBIS Fall blacktop party! Mrs. Randall and Mrs. Stieffenhofer’s classes finished in 2nd and 3rd collecting 736 and 601 items respectively.

Thanks again to everyone for participating and positively impacting our community in such a positive way.

Adam & Britanny

 Mrs. Miller & Mr. McAndrews, SGA Sponsors, Welcome the 17-18 SGA

 bm  am


Congratulations to our new officers, President, Chay Julien, Vice President Joanne Mittipalli, Secretary, Josie Escario 

sga officers 2017

  • Hello, my name is Chay and I am so happy that I am your SGA President.  One thing that I want people to know about me is I love playing soccer and that if you are on a team you have to work together.  So I want you guys to work with me so I can help the school  Thanks.  Chay Julien, President.
  • Joanne Mittipallie.  I am so excited to be serving you as Vice President this year.  I will work together with the President and Secretary to make this an amazing year.  
  • My name is Josie Escario and I am in Mrs. Ward's 5th grade class.  My position is the secretary of the SGA.  I love to Tae Kwan Do.  I can't wait to start getting involved in the SGA.  I have so may ideas and suggestions for the SGA and can't wait for the first meeting.  The other officers are great. I love that I got secretary and can't wait to get started.  

Class Reps 

Hobbs - Amber Hollier, Patrick McCarty

Stile - Caydence Henning, Connor Haley

Stroot - Braelyn Umberger, Evie Huband

Reynolds - Zachary Buckland, Irene Kim

Foltyn - Sadie Tomlinson, Uriah Puckett

Thai - Romina Cibeira, Japhya Rouson

Hasslinger - Conor Gardner, Avani Raval

Naismith - Alexis Raval, Grahm Minars

Keller - Tori Schultz, Johann Aguillon

DeLisi - Ariana Hossain, Raffaele Iorio

Beam - McKenna Cooley, Colton Spiller

Obstgarten - Max Rosenhaft, Tatiana Leonova

Hogue - Ayush Dave, Kara Forney

Zimmerman - Judah Puckett, Ava Broadwater

Marrama - Eric Yang, Pranahitha Kanuparthi

Bizzell - Sharada Narayanan, Jaylen Kweme

Randall - Zeke Stafford, Katie McCarty

Weber - Lucia Reyes, Pranav Karthikeyan

Wilhelm - Samantha Edwards, Nicholas Nachod

Ward - Zack Walsman, Marlene Nusraty

Stieffenhofer - Luke Lwin, Addison Buckland


President - Chay Julien ( Stieffenhofer)

Vice President - Joanne Mittapalli (Bizzell)

Secretary - Josie Escario (Ward)

Kindergarten Proxy Reps 

Bella Rosas (Wilhelm)

Jackson Haley (Ward)

Adam Bhatti (Bizzell)


Elani Bui (Weber)

Tanisha Sharma (Weber)

Avery Chupka (Bizzell)

Aisha Kandji (Weber)

 SGA Meeting Dates 17-18 - Meeting Times 3:40 - 4:40

November 2, December 7, January 4, February 1, March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7












16 - 17 SGA

SGA 2017


 May News

  • Husky's Howl #7
  •  The SGA is raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by collecting Pennies for Patients.  Students are encouraged to bring in any loose change or money they would like to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society during the month of May.  If students or families would like to make a online donation, they can do so by going to studentseries.org/NCA.  A pizza party will be awarded to the class that collects the most money.   

    We will have our last spirit day of the year on Thursday, May 25th.  The theme of the spirit day is beach.  Students may wear tropical clothing, swim shorts, sun hats, and other beach like apparel to school. Please no flip flops!

 April News

Husky Howl #6 Edition


March News

Husky Howl #5 March Edition

  • We let everyone know that we surpassed our Jump Rope For Heart goals regarding monies raised. Over $11,435, so Mr. Voigt and Mr. Baude will be hosting the Wrap Up Assembly where they will honor everyone that participated and invite the top student fundraisers to part of the Wheel of Gooble Gobble! Our Jump Rope For Heart Wrap Up Assembly will be Wednesday, March 8th at 2:15 p.m. Congratulations to Mrs. Pearcy’s Class for Raising the most money! 
  • Thursday, March 23rd Clearspring’s spirit day will be Comic-Con day. Dress up as your favorite comic/book/movie character!
  • The officers and representatives chose spring cleaning around Clearspring as our March philanthropy; So all month the SGA will be helping to spruce up our school campus by weeding, sweeping up after lunches, helping teachers with bulletin boards and myriad other spring cleaning activities.
  • Students gave their feedback on our Read Across America Week, and it was overwhelmingly positive. We had such a great week celebrating Dr. Seuss and the joys of reading, while also making it engaging and fun for the students. Thanks to all for helping make it such a fun week. Enjoy the videos 
  •  Crazy Sock Day! and Hat Day  

February News


We held our monthly SGA meeting February 2 and wanted to provide everyone with an update.  

  • Husky Howl #4 February Edition
  • Thanks to all who participated in Twin Day.  A video is on the Clearspring website of all past spirit days for your viewing pleasure!  
  • We will continue to raise money to support the American Heart Association through the Jump Rope for Heart program through the month of February
  • Our next spirit day will be held on Friday, February 17th.  The theme is Hollywood Day so get our your finest and be ready to strut your stuff!  
  • The SGA will be working with administration to prepare some fun activities and a spirit day (or maybe more?) to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Day.  Stay tuned for details. 
This month.we used class dojo during our meeting to encourage students to be respectful and responsible during the meeting.  It was a HUGE success and the students were wonderful!  5th grade students earned the most dojo points and representatives will have a lunch bunch with Britanny on Wednesday, February 8th.  

January News

  • The Husky's Howl #3 January Edition
  • We collected over 40 toys to donate to Toys for Tots. Thanks everyone who contributed!
  • Spirit days in December went very well. Lots of positive feedback from all involved and great participation from everyone. Comfy and Cozy day is the only spirit day the SGA unanimously votes for, so thanks for letting us disrupt Friday, the 23rd.
  • The two winners in the newspaper comic contest are Anika in Mrs. Bizzell’s class and Johan in Mrs. Thai’s class. Their comics will appear in the next issue of the newspaper.
  • Mr. Baude came and talked to us about Jump Rope for Heart. The kick-off assembly is Jan. 25th. Anyone who raises $150 online before then will win a prize that is not available to win after. After last year’s success the fundraising goal was raised to $10,000. An informational sheet is being passed out today for students to take home with instructions for parents that want to donate. Check out the video in the Gallery.
  • The SERT Watts Up? Poster contest is starting. Anyone in the school can design a poster that advocates for conserving energy and water, and/or recycling and turn it in to Mrs. Miller’s or my office or the main office. Entries must be turned in by the end of February, at which point one entry from grades K-2, and one entry from 3-5 will be chosen and sent to MCPS. MCPS will then pick county-wide winners and use their posters in future MCPS and local government educational/promotional campaigns.
  • Our January spirit day is Twin Day on Thursday, January 26th. Check out the video in the Gallery 

December News

  • The Husky's Howl #1 December Edition  
  • We collected 316 letters of support and encouragement for active-duty military personnel to send to A Million Thanks who will send them to military personnel currently stationed abroad. Thanks so much for participating and helping send so many great letters to people who really deserve that support and adulation.
  •  The Husky’s Howl editors are having a comics contest for each issue. Any student who wants to submit a school-appropriate comic can turn it in in Mrs. Miller’s office. There is an orange bin for submissions that sits on a chair right inside of her doorway.
  • Our December philanthropy is Toys For Tots. We will place a box in the front hallway under the SGA bulletin board for donations. Donations should be new and unwrapped. We also asked reps to remind their classes about the book swap. Gently used books can be turned in to the office.
  • There are two spirit days for December. The first is Ugly Holiday Sweater Day on Thursday, December 15th. The second is Comfy, Cozy Reading/PJ Day. The latter is a little disruptive to classroom schedules so we scheduled it on Friday, December 23rd, the last day before winter break to try to minimize the disruption to your schedules. The students can wear PJ’s that day, though no slippers, and bring in a pillow, blanket, and flashlight, and three times during the day, for about 15 minutes; probably early in the morning, then either before or after lunch/recess, and finally near the end of the day; lights will go out in the classrooms and the students can cuddle up somewhere in the room with their blankets and pillows and book and read by flashlight.


November News

  • The Husky's Howl #1 November Edition - SGA Student Newsletter

    Our first fundraiser of the year, Kids Helping Kids Fundraiser was a whopping success!  Our school collected a total of 1,268 items and Mrs. Randall's 5th grade class came in first place entitling everyone to get free admittance to the PBIS DJ Baude party on Friday, November 18th!   

  • Our spirit day this month is Dress Like a Million Bucks Day on Tuesday, November 22nd
  • The Husky Howl is our student run newsletter: it will be shared with teachers so they can share it with their homerooms. 
  • We will be participating with "A Million Thanks" during the month of November. A Million Thanks are asking schools, and other organizations to write cards, letters, emails, of appreciation for our military, past and present. It is their goal to see that our military – active, reserve, and veterans – receive these messages, whether they are serving at home, abroad, or are injured in hospitals.
  • The letters will be collected via homerooms and I will then send them off to A Million Thanks who will mail them to active-duty military personnel overseas.
 October News 

The Student Government Association announces the newly elected officials for the 2016-2017 school year......... 

President, Aanika Arjumand 

Vice President,  Paige Nolan 

Secretary, Rahul Nayer 

Officers 16-17
Class Representatives Grades 1 - 5


Hobbs - Bryce Ledford, Kylee Colbert

Stile - Uriah Puckett, Olivia Bryant

Stroot - Kibett Sigei, Zaynab, Farid

Kiernan/Potts -


Foltyn - Avani Raval, Jason Cabrera

Reynolds - Riley Kirk, Cole Birch

Thai - Marley Tinney, Elijah Holland

DeLisi - Alexis Raval, Chad Julien


Dennis - Cam Benze, Aryana Cibeira

Keller - Jessica Schultz, Max Rosenhaft

Naismith - Colton Spillers, Natalie Suthard


Beam - Jackson Haley, Katie McCarty

Hasslinger - Samantha Breeden, Chay Julien

Zimmerman - Marlene Nusraty, Vera Sulureh

Hogue - Arth Babbar, Sharada Narayanan

Obstgarten - Bella Rosas, Adam Bhatti

Marrama - Jillian Dove, Praneel Suvarna


Randall - Dylan Oliver, Vida Sulureh

Stieffenhofer - Rhianna Peterson, Dylan Malone

Ward - Marston Sabas, Caroline Staines

Bizzell - Sreehitha Gandluri, Zameel Mohammed

Weber - Keegan Gregory, Advika Agarwal

Wilhelm - Sandral Baigal, Daniel Mathew
School Year 2015-2016 

We tackled the cleanup of the courtyard! 

courtyard 1



courtyard group

April News 

  • Pennies for Patients wrapped up!  100 pounds of coins = $1,000.  The winner of the Domino's Pizza Party is: Mrs. Bizzell, 5th Grade 
  • Dancing in the Dark Spring Dance.  SGA will put on their most colorful and neon bright clothes and greet students the morning of April 15 and encourage everyone to go the dance that evening from 7 - 9.  Everyone should bring a white shirt to paint.  $2 admission.
  • SGA helped out during the Slime Assembly.  Mr. Baude and Mr. Voigt got slimed - total collected - over $8,000.  Watch the video on the gallery

Representatives Work on the JRFH Banner for the Pre-Kick off Assembly, Wednesday, Jan 20 



January News


  1. The Husky’s Howl had a comic drawing contest in December in which the winning comic is to be published in the January issue.

  2. The winning comic was submitted by Lasya Musty.

  3. The editors also added a joke page with some corny, and some funny jokes.

  4. The editors also plan to have another drawing contest for a future issue.

 January Fundraisers and Events

  1. Guest speaker Mr. Baude came and explained our January fundraiser Jump Rope for Heart, which benefits the American Heart Association.

  2. We will learn how to participate in Jump Rope for Heart and about the prizes that could be earned by participants.

  3. The assembly for Jump Rope for Heart will be held on January 20th. All students will receive the information form with instructions on how to register to participate and win all sorts of great prizes.  www.heart.org/jump

  4. The actual Jump Rope for Heart event will take place during the week of February 8th - 12th during P.E. classes.

Spirit Day 

  1. Our spirit day will be January 20th; the whole school will red to help promote heart health for the Jump Rope for Heart assembly.


December News


  • December 22 - Teachers are going to “Deck the Doors” in a winter theme.  While you are decorating take a break, turn out the lights and get comfy and cozy with a favorite book.  Students can bring a small pillow, blanket, and flashlight with them to school and at certain times in the day, the lights will go off and students can huddle under their blankets with their pillow and their favorite book and read by flashlight. 
  • December 23, Everyone is invited to wear their craziest/ugliest/or best winter sweater/ T-shirt on Wednesday, 12-23.  Show off your spirit and dazzle the Damascus High School Marching Band and all our visitors who will be joining us for a whole school assembly in the gym in that morning.  Continue to dazzle while the staff participates in the Winter Songfest!
  • Jack Paw’t Day will be going on all day Wednesday the 23rd.  Students will have the opportunity to earn lots of special paws to use for an end of quarter event or to purchase items 11-16 on the Paw Cart.  When the music comes on students will demonstrate their listening skills by stopping their tracks, be silent and collect all those great paws! 
  • We are collecting new and unwrapped toys for “Toys for Tots”.  There is a large box located in the front lobby for donations. 
  • December Husky Howl


Meeting Nov 2015  GP DAY 3
 GP DAY 15
 GP DAY 2015
  • Student Council Representatives welcome  visitors on Grandparents Day

  • November Husky Howl   By the Students for the Students! 
  • To highlight the book fair our 1st Spirit Day for November will be: Dress up like your favorite book character on Thursday, November 12.

  • Bring in your canned food for Damascus Help ends Friday, November 6. Food boxes are located in the front lobby area.

  • Candy Give Back to benefit the troops. Bring your Halloween candy to the front office

  • Veteran's Day celebration November 11. GI Go Fund that assists military veterans in finding jobs and get homeless veterans off the streets as well as providing financial assistance to veteran families in need. Let's make a difference! We collected almost $180. Thank you to our caring students and staff.

  • 2nd November Spirit Day, Friday, November 20 - Crazy Hair Day


First Spirit Day of the Year is October 23rd - It is PJ Day! 

October Meeting News

1st through 3rd grade reps get ready for the Canned food Drive to benefit Damascus Help. 

 pj day poster making food drive  pj day poster  canned food 2

2015-16 OFFICERS

President:  Heera Anand

Vice President:  Emma Rosenhaft

Secretary:  Rylyn Monro


Interested in being a SGA Parent Ambassador?  Looking for support for the school monthly meetings held on the 1st Tuesday of the month, from 3:40-4:40 and help with supervising the student council when they are preparing their posters during their recess times for our community service projects and spirit days from 11:30 - 2:00. We also will be charged with helping keep the courtyard and grounds of Clearspring looking good.  Donations of mulch would be greatly appreciated! Contact Linda_M_Baude@mcpsmd.org or call 301-253-7004 if interested and for additional information.   

General Information

 PURPOSE:  We, the student body of Clearspring Elementary School, are organized to promote this school's education to a higher level of excellence and to develop good citizens, good leaders, and good followers. 

MEMBERS:  Our Student Council consists of the following officers - President and Vice-President and Secretary.  The council also consists of two members from each first through fifth grade class.

QUALIFICATIONS:  In order to become a member of the Clearspring Student Council, the student must have good grades and good conduct.  The representative must also be dependable, respected by their classmates, fair in dealing with others, and desires to be a member of the council.

Interested in being a class representative?

  •   All 1st through 5th grade classes will elect a boy and girl class representative. Students will receive an interest and permission form after the President, Vice President and Secretary have been voted in and voting for class representative will commence in each classroom.

Contact Information

For questions regarding Clearspring's Student Council, please contact Linda Baude @ Linda_M_Baude@mcpsmd.org or Adam McAndrews @ Adam_M_Mcandrews@mcpsmd.org

Details & Duties of Student Council Officers

Student Council offers 1st through 5th Grade Huskies the opportunity to actively participate in school-wide initiatives, lend their hands to community causes, and see democracy in action.  While representing Clearspring, these student leaders will gain responsibility, have increased pride in their school, and possess an overall awareness of events at a local and or global level.  Class representatives along with school officers will be held to high academic and citizenship levels.  Below is a list of the school officers and responsibilities: 

  1. Runs the Student Council meetings
  2. Represents the council at various functions
  3. Knows the basic rules for running a meeting
  4. Is a good Clearspring citizen
  1. Serves in the absence of the President
  2. Knows the basic rules of carrying out a meeting
  3. Leads the pledge to the flag
  4. Is a good Clearspring citizen
  1. Keeps accurate minutes of meetings
  2. Reports at each meeting the minutes from previous meeting
  3. Is a good Clearspring citizen
Classroom Representative
  1. Attend Student Council meetings
  2. Bring ideas and suggestions from class members to the meetings
  3. Report information back to his/her class and a K-1 classroom
  4. Help with the development of projects for the Student Council and school
  5. Helps promote school pride
  6. Is a good Clearspring citizen