Welcome to the Student Government Association of Clearspring 19-20

Contact Information

For questions regarding Clearspring's Student Council, please contact Adam McAndrews @ Adam_M_Mcandrews@mcpsmd.org or Mrs. Britanny Miller,  

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SGA Information

 We, the student body of Clearspring Elementary School, are organized to promote this school's education to a higher level of excellence and to develop good citizens, good leaders, and good followers.  

MEMBERS:  Our Student Council consists of the following officers - President and Vice-President and Secretary.  The council also consists of two members from each first through fifth grade class.

QUALIFICATIONS:  In order to become a member of the Clearspring Student Council, the student must have good grades and good conduct.  The representative must also be dependable, respected by their classmates, fair in dealing with others, and desires to be a member of the council.

Interested in being a class representative?

  •   All 1st through 5th grade classes will elect a boy and girl class representative. Students will receive an interest and permission form after the President, Vice President and Secretary have been voted in and voting for class representative will commence in each classroom.

Details & Duties of Student Council Officers

Student Council offers 2nd through 5th Grade Huskies the opportunity to actively participate in school-wide initiatives, lend their hands to community causes, and see democracy in action.  While representing Clearspring, these student leaders will gain responsibility, have increased pride in their school, and possess an overall awareness of events at a local and or global level.  Class representatives along with school officers will be held to high academic and citizenship levels.  Below is a list of the school officers and responsibilities: 

  1. Runs the Student Council meetings
  2. Represents the council at various functions
  3. Knows the basic rules for running a meeting
  4. Is a good Clearspring citizen
  1. Serves in the absence of the President
  2. Knows the basic rules of carrying out a meeting
  3. Leads the pledge to the flag
  4. Is a good Clearspring citizen
  1. Keeps accurate minutes of meetings
  2. Reports at each meeting the minutes from previous meeting
  3. Is a good Clearspring citizen
Classroom Representative
  1. Attend Student Council meetings
  2. Bring ideas and suggestions from class members to the meetings
  3. Report information back to his/her class and a K-1 classroom
  4. Help with the development of projects for the Student Council and school
  5. Helps promote school pride
  6. Is a good Clearspring citizen