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Mrs. MacKay, Ms. Duralde, Mrs. Oedemann, and Mr. Kieft

The art, music, and physical education teachers of Clarksburg Elementary School are a supportive, talented, and creative team of individuals.  We are committed to encouraging our students to develop a love and interest in the subject areas that we teach.  We will work collaboratively to create a challenging learning environment that promotes good character, success, and a respect for each others creative and physical talents.  We will achieve our goals by setting high expectations, maintaining a positive attitude, and encouraging one another.


General Music 

Ms. Jil Duralde (Monday - Thursday), including Chorus

Mrs. Lisa McPhee (Friday PM) 

A general music program is designed to develop musicality and musical literacy in children through fun, playful activities while exposing children to a range of styles and genres of music from around the world and throughout history. To this end, students at Clarksburg Elementary School explore the elements of music through singing, playing instruments, improvising, composing, listening to music, reading and notating music, evaluating their performance, making connections with other disciplines, and understanding music in relation to history and culture.


Music Links

Classics for Kids

Listening Adventures

New York Philharmonic

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Chorus Listening Links

Aeyaya Balano Sakkad

When I Close My Eyes

Haru Sugite

Solfege Symphony


Instrumental Music

 Mr. Ryan Kieft

Instrumental music classes are available to fourth and fifth grade students at Clarksburg Elementary School! At the beginning of the year, students may choose to play the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, violin, viola, cello, or bass, and participate in group lessons on like instruments. Participating in instrumental music is an opportunity to develop motor skills and cooperative thinking in an ensemble, in addition to the many benefits of a fully realized music education; there are also many opportunities to continue your instrument in middle and high school! 



Visual Art


Mrs. Carissa Oedemann

The students at Clarksburg Elementary meet once a week for art instruction. Students are given the opportunity to create original art work as they explore a variety of art materials and subject matters. Starting in kindergarten, the art curriculum builds on the use and understanding of art elements and design principles to construct meaningful art work.  Students are also introduced to art from other cultures, styles of art from realistic to abstract and the art work and history of famous artists. The art program interrelates with the curriculum at each grade level to support the concepts and skills being taught in the classroom.

Physical Education


Mrs. Melissa MacKay

Students at Clarksburg Elementary School have physical education class once a week. Students learn a variety of movement concepts and skill themes throughout the school year. They learn about the importance of physical activity, healthy eating, and incorporating exercise into their daily lives. The students are involved in many special activities such as Winter Wonderland, Scooter City, Jump Rope for Heart, and a miniature Golf Course. Students are expected to display the 3 Clarksburg Cheetah expectations in Physical Education class: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. Most importantly, students will Be Lifelong Learners of Health and Exercise.

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