About Clarksburg Elementary School

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Vision Statement

CES...Where Freedom and Care Lead to Learning and Wellness

Mission Statement

CES will cultivate a safe, anti-racist/anti-bias environment by celebrating and respecting our whole human selves to prepare students for college, career, and/or community success.


Clarksburg Elementary School will establish one rule to capture all other rules - We will take care of each other. 


Clarksburg Elementary School will be a safe community where students, staff, and families bring their whole human selves (e.g., beliefs, values, aspirations, differences) into the schoolhouse without judgment and where they are respected, affirmed, and cared for by all.


Accountable Cheetahs proudly take responsibility for their words and actions by:

  • understanding when they have caused harm
  • offering a sincere apology 
  • commiting to growth changing behaviors  

Caring Cheetahs apologize by:

  • naming how they caused harm (e.g., “I am sorry for…”)
  • stating how the other person felt (e.g., “I can understand how or why you felt…”)
  • trying to change future behavior  (e.g., “I will do my best to…”) 

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