Anti-Racist Audit Update and Survey Responses

WCHS Anti-Racist Audit - Survey Responses and Updates

As part of the system-wide Anti-Racist Audit - WCHS staff, students, and families completed a comprehensive Survey. The Survey results are linked below and can be found at the MCPS website linked below. We have been analyzing the results and discussing the meaning of the answers through a process to help us identify areas for improvement. A slide deck and video from our Family Forum that explains our analysis and identification of next steps is also linked below.


If you have feedback or comments about the survey and our ongoing anti-racist work, you can use the Feedback link to share your thoughts as we plan for next year.


MCPS Anti-Racist System-Wide Audit and MCPS Action Plan webpage

MCPS Anti-Racist Audit Survey results webpage


WCHS Anti-Racist Audit Survey Results:



WCHS Family Forum on Anti-Racist Audit Survey Response Video



WCHS Anti-Racist Audit Feedback/Questions Form