Being Green

Being Green

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Being green entails maintaining a healthy school environment by finding ways to improve our efforts to conserve water and energy; reduce waste; restore and conserve natural habitat; create structures to respect and support the environment; and use transportation responsibly. Our goal is to ensure that environmental issues and concerns permeate decisions and choices made by all in our school community. Here we focus on the second objective of the Green Schools Application: Best Management Practices.

Conserving Water

Conserving Energy

Fund Raising Logo Competition Application

A community builder to encourage participation and ownership of our renewed environmental efforts. At our school, proceeds from this fundraiser benefited the science lab and other inquiry-based activities.

Reducing Solid Waste

Restoring Habitats

The Green Kids Application Process

This involves our entire school community, including representatives from all segments of our staff.
Commitment Letters; Part II of the Application

Using Transportation Responsibly

  • School Transportation Policy
  • Suggestions for eco-consciousness
  • In-school field trips
  • No Idle Signage

2013 MAEOE Conference Presentation: Rocking the Green Schools Journey