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Cannon Road History 

Cannon Road Elementary School opened its doors in the1970's with Mr. James Shumate as the principal. It was a kindergarten through sixth grade school.  Many of the classrooms had sliding walls between them to facilitate team-teaching.  Most of the classrooms had between thirty to thirty-five students.   The school filled up quickly with students from all of the new housing surrounding the building. It was a wonderful time of growth and that exciting growth continues with new families moving into the Cannon Road community. 

Cannon Road has had only a handful of principals in 40+ years of service, including: James Shumate, Frank Sweeney, Nancy Douglas, Ray Myrtle, Kim Statham, Judy Theiss, and Norman Coleman. We've had several principal interns and a few assistant principals over the years as well.  Mrs. Elise Burgess is our current assistant principal.  


In the early years, each of the principals brought to Cannon Road new insights and directions with only a few changes in the teaching staff.  However, over the years not only has the Cannon Road student population changed, but many teachers have retired or moved to other schools.  Some things that have not changed are the dedication, professionalism, love of teaching children, and the quest for excellence that CRES has always represented.   


Cannon Road has had two fires in its long history. One happened in a storage area that caused some limited damage. The other fire took place in the media center that totally destroyed the library and resulted in major damage around the building. It was a heart breaking sight to see Cannon Road so badly damaged. Fortunately, no one was hurt in either fire.  


The original building did not physically change much during its 40 years. The PTA had the old windows replaced with more energy efficient ones. After many years, Cannon Road finally got ceiling fans in all rooms and then still later, air conditioning!  Cannon Road also started collecting an assortment of learning cottages in the back of the main building to handle the increased numbers of children.   


Beginning in September 2010, the original Cannon Road Elementary School was torn down.  It is being replaced by a larger, modern, and energy efficient building.  The school is temporally being housed at Fairland Center on Old Columbia Pike.  As part of the 2012 New Year’s celebration, Cannon Road will open its new doors at its original 901 Cannon Road address!   


While the sparkling new building will be exciting to everyone, the key component to Cannon Road’s continued success isn’t the building, but the people!  The administration, staff, parents, PTA, and the children are what make our school what it is!  Our vision remains, “To educate the total child to become a lifelong learner in a global society.”  We all can be proud of our school, regardless of where it’s located. 


Don Frat, retired 2nd grade teacher 







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