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Media Specialist- Valerie Boyd

Media Assistant- Lucia Acin-Andion

Students are greeted warmly when visiting the media center. They are encouraged to use the media center whenever possible. Every day is library day! 

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To serve all patrons by promoting information literacy, lifelong learning skills, and a love of reading.

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Black-Eyed Susan Reading Program

Our students participate in the Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Reading Program by listening to the nominated books, which are read aloud by Mrs. Boyd at various times during media visits.  The Black-Eyed Susan Award is named for the State Flower of Maryland and has been given in several categories every year since 1992. The purpose of this award is to promote literacy and lifelong reading habits by encouraging student to read quality, contemporary literature. The picture book nominees are listed below. When students read 8 of the titles, they can vote for their favorite. These votes are tallied statewide to determine the winner. Authors, illustrators, and publishers recognize this award as an honor bestowed by Maryland students.

Black-eyed Susan Picture Book Nominees for 2017-2018

    Picture Books


    Picture Books

     Barton, Chris 

    Image result for Whoosh!

     Whoosh!: Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions 




    Campoy, F. Isabel

    Image result for maybe something beautiful book

     Maybe Something Beautiful


    Ferry, Beth 

    Image result for land shark book

    Land Shark


    Higgins, Ryan

    Image result for mother bruce book cover

     Mother Bruce


    Hood, Susan 

    Image result for ada's violin

    Ada’s Violin: the Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay


    Levis, Caron 

    Image result for ida always

    Ida, always



    Levy, Debbie

    Image result for i dissent

    I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark


    Litchfield, David 

    Image result for the bear and the piano

    The Bear and the Piano



    Macy, Sue 

    Image result for miss mary reporting

    Miss Mary Reporting: the True Story of Sportswriter Mary Garber


    Nolan, Janet 

    Image result for seven and a half tons of steel

    Seven and a Half Tons of Steel



     Portis, Antoinette 

    Image result for best frints in the whole universe

    Best Frints in the Whole Universe



    Raczka, Bob

    Image result for wet cement book

     Wet Cement: a Mix of Concrete Poems



     Santat, Dan 

    Image result for are we there yet book

    Are We There Yet?



     Smith, Alex 

    Image result for little red and the very hungry lion

     Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion



    Wenzel, Brendan
    Image result for they all saw a cat

     They All Saw a Cat





Who will be the 2017 winner for the state of Maryland?  Voting takes place in the spring of 2017.  The students of Maryland will decide. 


Our students use the AGOPPE Model for their research projects.

A - Ask Questions

G - Gather Information

O - Organize Information

P - Prepare Information

P - Present Information

E - Evaluate

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