Other Services

In addition to registration and holding student records, the Registrar also is responsible for changes to student personal information and is authorized to distribute authorized letters of student verification.

Change of Address

To change the address of a student, the parent / guardian must make an appointment to meet briefly with the Registrar. After your appointment has been scheduled, be sure to bring the following:

1. Parent / Guardian
- With Government-Issued Photo Identification = Driver's License = Passport
2. Proof of Residency
- Utility Bill
- Lease - Settlement Sheet
- Tax Assessment Bill


New diploma's can be issued directlyby Central Records, but can be issued indirectly via the Registrar as well. Diploma requests from the Registrar can be ordered for $25 and may take a few weeks to process, depending on the time of year the request is made.

MVA Attendance Verification

Students who wish to apply for an Driver's Permit with the MVA, and are within the age of 15-years 9-months and 16-years, must have an Attendance Verification Form completed by the Registrar. Be sure to have the appropriate fields completed and signed by both parent / guardian and student. Correctly completed forms must be handed in to the Registrar at least one full school-day before the form may be picked up from the Registrar's Office.