Mission Statement

Wyngate is a Warm, Caring Community of Adults and Children Working Together to:

  • recognize and respect each member of the school community as unique, special, and capable
  • recognize and appreciate individual differences
  • work on a child's total development in areas of social, emotional and intellectual growth
  • maintain high standards and expectations for children so that they become responsible members of society
  • help children achieve academic success
  • enhance self-esteem
  • encourage higher-level thinking skills
  • encourage creativity
  • encourage cooperative learning
  • help each individual reach their fullest potential
  • maintain a pleasant environment in which to learn
  • maintain a sense of humor and perspective

As a STAFF we:

  • continue to pursue professional growth
  • continue to increase sensitivity to changing needs of the community
  • continue to adhere to the MCPS curriculum
  • continue to provide opportunities for problem solving and higher-level thinking skills in real-school and real-life situations
  • continue to maintain an inviting facility


  • come prepared to learn
  • work to fullest potential
  • accept challenges
  • respect teachers, staff, and students
  • help maintain the positive school environment
  • obey school rules
  • exhibit responsible behavior
  • exercise regularly


  • encourage a positive attitude toward school and learning
  • support the school and the child's educational experience
  • respect teachers, staff and students
  • respect teachers, staff, and students
  • provide and environment appropriate for learning
  • applaud successes and accentuate the positive
  • encourage the child to be organized and respect deadlines
  • are aware of the school program
  • encourage the child to apply what is learned in school to real life situations
  • provide enriching experience