Graduation Requirements

Student Planning Worksheet 

Subject Required Credits
English 4 credits required
Mathematics 4 credits (must include 1 credit in Algebra and 1 credit in Geometry)
Science 3 credits (must include 1 credit in a Physical Science & 1 credit in Biology)
Social Studies 3 credits (must include 1 credit in US History, 1 credit in NSL Government, and 1 credit in Modern World History)
Physical Education 1 credit
Health .5 credit (taken in 10th grade)
Fine Arts 1 credit (Art, Music or Theatre)
Technology 1 credit (Foundations of Technology, Design Technology Solutions, Introduction to Engineering Design, or Principles of Engineering)
Program Completer Students must complete ONE of the following programs:
- 2 years of foreign language
- 2 additional credits in advanced technology
- a career program such as the Edison Center or Cooperative Work Experience
Student Service Learning  Students must complete 75 SSL hours.
Student Service Learning Coordinator: Mr. JD Marchand
HSA  Required for class of 2009
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