Executive Officer Responsibilities


  • Prepares agenda and presides at monthly PTA meetings.
  • Coordinates the work of the officers and the committees.
  • Serves as a member ex officio of all committees except that of the nominating committee.
  • Coordinates PTA events/programs/issues with school administration.
  • Meets with School Principal on a regular basis to establish ongoing communication.
  • Reviews PTA flyers/print media for distribution.
  • Monitors school’s PTA mailbox and distributes mail accordingly.
  • Co-signs all PTA checks.
  • Prepares (or delegates) e-group notices.
  • Reports on and represents Woodfield interests at Damascus Cluster Meetings.
  • Prepares school input for Cluster Coordinator's County CIP and Operating Budget Testimony.
  • Monitors and relays MCPS, Board of Education, and County Council proposals and decisions impacting Woodfield.
  • Prepares agenda and presides at the Executive Board meetings.

Vice President I - Fundraising

  • Attends monthly PTA meetings.
  • Provides pertinent information to the newsletter editor for monthly editions.
  • Shares with the President the responsibility for approving all PTA mail, flyers, handouts, community service messages, advertisements, etc. prior to distribution.
  • Serves as President in the absence of the President.
  • Monitors budget income requirements and, as needed, submits proposals for new fundraisers.
  • Monitors all fundraisers.
  • Monitors the implementation of the jobs/responsibilities of the Fundraising committees.

Vice President II - Membership

  • Attends monthly PTA meetings.
  • Conducts Membership drive in the fall including coordination of programs/publicity to increase parent and teacher participation, collection of all forms, and proper registration with local, state, and national PTAs.
  • Maintains all Membership records for use when needed such as to ensure voting protocol at PTA meetings.


  • Attends monthly PTA meetings and takes minutes of all proceedings.
  • Prepares written minutes of all monthly meetings for presentation at subsequent meetings.
  • Provides copies of meeting minutes to teachers and to official file.
  • May be assigned additional duties such as letters of correspondence.


  • Attends monthly PTA meetings, preparing and reporting on the current financial status to the membership.
  • Prepares proposed annual operating budget for approval at a general PTA meeting in September.
  • Coordinates with all committees for timely transfer of receipts and invoices for activities.
  • Issues all PTA checks and fulfills all monetary obligations of the PTA.
  • Coordinates use of cash box by committee chairpersons for PTA events.
  • Prepares deposits for bank account.
  • Prepares paperwork/payment for PTA membership, insurance, IRS and state agencies both for property and sales taxes.
  • Maintains all financial records.
  • Arranges for annual audit.
  • Recommends to PTA possible uses for excess funds at the end of the school year.
  • Ensures an appropriate carryover balance for new school year to cover initial expenses.

MCCPTA Delegates

  • Attends monthly delegate assemblies and represents Woodfield interests on pending issues.
  • Attends monthly PTA meetings to provide feedback to the membership on county-wide issues.
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