Additional Resources

Google Classroom Presentation This is a presentation created by Mr. Sherwood to give an overview on how Google Classroom is used with your child.


Rhyme Zone Dictionary This is a website that can be used for writing poetry or whenever you are needing to rhyme words.  You can even use it to find synonyms, definitions, and more!


Merriam-Webster Kid Dictionary Merriam-Webster Word Central website for kids.


Grammar and Spelling Fact Monster This website is full of posibilities but beware that there are pop up ads and noneducational games here too. Watch carefully.


Education Place This is a website that features several different subjects. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company has provided acess to books, a dictionary of terms, games and much more. It is worth exploring for additonal activities to support an area of need for your child.


Learn Zillion LA Videos Setup a free account and have access to videos for language arts and math for the new common core curriculum.


Photo Peach PhotoPeach allows you to upload photos and make a creative slideshow to share with others.


Royalty Free Music This site contains royalty free music that is categorized by genre for creating podcasts and other media presentations.




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