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Summer Math Packets

Math 6 2013 

Math 7 2013 

IM  2013 


2013-2014 Individual Student Organizational Tools & Personal Supplies

Parents: Please make sure to label the supplies with your child's name so if anything is misplaced it can be returned to them.

Required Personal Supplies 


  • 1, 1” 3-ring binder (data notebook) 


  • 1, 3” 3-ring binder (content binder) 


  • Notebook dividers (at least 5 individual dividers)  


  • Pencil case or box 


  • Crayons or colored pencils (student preference) 


  • Ongoing, year-long supply of No. 2 pencils or mechanical pencils (student preference) 


  • ONE Hard cover composition book 


  • FIVE Wide-ruled spiral notebooks  


  • FIVE Pocket folders   




To help with organization, match the color of each spiral notebook with the color of each pocket folder. 




Red = Reading, Blue = Math, Yellow = Science,  


Green = Social Studies, Orange = Writing 






Donations of the following items for classroom use will be accepted if you wish to do so. We graciously thank you ahead of time! 




  • Tissues 


  • Paper towels 


  • Hand sanitizer 


  • Hand soap 


  • Baby wipes or cleaning spray 




 March 2014 



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