Counseling Office

301-230-5940 (phone)
301-230-5991 (fax)


 Enrollment Info - Learn how to enroll in Montgomery County Public Schools

Please call to schedule an appointment to enroll your child.

Meet the Counseling Staff


6th Grade:  Ms. Amber Montgomery (A-K) 
Mr. Jim Alessi (L-Z)
 Grade:  Ms. Nikia Cooper 
 8th Grade: Ms. Angela Hammie-Bonner


Counseling Secretary and Registrar:  Ms. Vicky Manos   

Resources:  Workshops and Classes for Parents and/or Students

Naviance Family Connection

Montgomery College for Kids

Workshops and Seminars

Surviving until Graduation

YMCA Youth and Family Services

Topics of Interest

Five Ways to Deal with Anxiety (Student Resource)

Culture Shock (Student Resource)

Why Am I in Such a Bad Mood? (Student Resource)

How Can I Deal with My Anger? (Student Resource)

Anti-Bullying Games

What to do if your child has received inappropriate or disturbing computer communication   

Frequently Asked Questions






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