Visual literacy is an important component of becoming a well-educated individual in our society.


Washington Metro Area Art Galleries and Museums



A class designed to enhance the student's skills and to develop an appreciation of craftsmanship and the application of craftsmanship in the production of ceramic work. Attention to detail and an understanding of construction enable a student to experience pride in successfully making an object for use or a sculpture. Our culminating activity will be a PowerPoint presentation using the Internet as a research tool.


Art 8

Allows students to experience different media in the production of art. In addition, we learn about visual language and how we use it to communicate successfully in the world through graphs, presentations, Science Fair projects -- even in arranging their bedrooms. Students will make the connection to using this information as an adult, by developing a Web page, for example, or sketching a new deck, or as part of a career as a digital artist, graphic artist or architect, among others. We are learning to understand the creative process and its history through the works of other artists.


Art 6 and Art 7

Overview classes designed to support what is taught in other subject areas and to prepare for the ever increasing expectations in art.


Washington Metro Area Art Galleries and Museums


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