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Pictured L-R: Mrs. Dantzler, Ms. Der, Mrs. Brown, Ms. Wolfe


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Homework Information

Words Their Way  

  • Please make sure your child has a quiet place in which to study, read, and do homework.  Your child should read at home daily for 15-20 minutes.  Making this activity a family affair will make nightly reading more meaningful.  A weekly book report may be assigned on Mondays and would be due on Thursday.  Long term book projects and reading incentive programs will be explained and assigned throughout the year.


  • Basic addition and subtraction fact families should be practiced every day.  These will be assigned on Fridays with a timed "speedo" test given the following Friday.  A good way to study basic facts is to make flash cards and use manipulatives.  Remember to focus on related fact families (3+9=12, 9+3=12, 12-9=3, 12-3=9).

Friday Folders


  • Each Friday the week's work and notices will be sent home.  (On occasion, notices will also be sent home in the homework folder.)  Please help your child correct errors on assignments.  Ask your child questions about his/her completed work.  Signed folders should be returned on Mondays.


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