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My name is Sheri Snyder and I am so excited to be the counselor at this amazing school!  I will continue to implement a comprehensive school counseling program.  Please read the attached newsetter for more information.

My email address is : 


 Letter from Ms. SnyderSept  Espanol 



 Character Education Information 

Each month we will be focusing on a character pillar. Student will be able to earn "Turtle Tales" when they exhibit exceptional character. Students will also be nominated at the end of the month for a certificate. Please read the montly newsletters for ideas on how to reinforce character at home.

 September and OctoberRespect / Respeto 

 November and December: Responsibility/  responsabilidad 

January : Trustworthiness

February: Caring

March: Fairness

April: Citizenship

May and June: Celebrating Character!


Monthly Lessons 

I will be visiting each class once a month. These lessons will focus on character and social skills. The lessons are focused on working with students in the following areas: personal, interpersonal, health, career, and academic. 


During April, In Kindergarten and 1st grade we will be talking about forgiving a friend. We will read a book and talk about how everyone makes mistakes. We will talk about how you can forgive a friend if they do something that you don't like. In 2nd grade, we will will focus on self-control. We will talk about strategies that they can use in order to make good choices. In 3rd grade, we will read Mr. Peabody's Apples by Madonna. This book talks about the power of words. We will play a game at the end to reinforce how our words change and can effect others. In 4th grade, we will read Enemy Pie and talk about how we need to give others a chance. Finally, in 5th grade, we will be talking about cyber safety and making good choices when online.


If you ever have a questions about a lesson, please feel free to email or call.


 Small Groups 


Small groups are winding down for the 1st semester. I will be preparing permission slips for the 2nd semester groups in the next few weeks.  If you would like your child to participate in a group, please email or call.


Some groups that I run regularly are: social skills, frienship, grief, changing families, and anger.


  Parent Resources  


Info Montgomery  


Organization Tips for Families  


ADHD study through NIH 


County Resources and Classes 


Autism Speaks- great website for families 


Family Grief Support 



   Flora M. Singer Discpline Policy  


Please make sure that you have read over the discpline policy that was sent home. We are committed to creatin a safe, welcoming, and positive learning environment for all students.


We will be using a card system where students can earn purple, green, yellow, or red.


Purple: Great! Student has made exceptional choices throughout the school day.

Green- Good! Student has made good choices.

Yellow- An opportunity to reflect.

Red- Reflection form goes home.


Overview of Discipline Policy 

Overview of Discpline Policy Spanish 






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