• Impact Aid Parent Survey

    Impact Aid programs and grants are designed to assist local school districts that enroll federally connected students.  The grants from these programs become part of the MCPS general operating budget and support instructional activities.  To qualify for Impact Aid funding, MCPS must determine how many of its parents/g

  • Career Readiness Night Coming December 14

    Did you know that businesses today have many high-paying jobs that they can't fill?  Students in Grades 7-10 and their families are invited to attend Career Readiness Night on December 14, 7-9 p.m., at Gaithersburg High School to find out what these jobs are and how MCPS course pathways can prepare students for success

  • Weekly Bulletin 11/29/15-12/5/15

    Weekly Bulletin 11/29/15-12/5/15

  • Montgomery County Police Department Body Cameras

    The Montgomery County Police Department has begun a new pilot program in which some of its officers are wearing body cameras.  These cameras are turned on when officers are responding to an incident.  Beginning October 12, these body cameras will be used by police when they are responding to incidents in our schools. 

  • Notification of Emergency Care for Students Experiencing Anaphylaxis

    Attached is the Board Policy JPD, MCPS Regulation JPD-RB and the administration of EpiPens in schools regarding the notification of emergency care for students experience anaphylaxis. Board Policy JPD

  • MCPS Voices on Final Exams and Assessment Strategy

    In response to school and community interest in reducing testing and increasing instructional time, MCPS is revising its assessment strategy.  This new assessment strategy includes a plan to eliminate all two-hour semester final exams in high school courses beginning in 2016-2017, restoring at least two weeks of instr

  • Parent Tab on Website

    The "Parent Tab" which is located near the top of this web page has information and handouts for students and parents.  We will continue to update this site as we receive more information throughout the school year.  Please keep checking the "Parent Tab" for new information.

  • Stay Informed About the MCPS FY2016 Operating Budget

    Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett has released his recommended operating budget for next school year and is proposing a $31.9 million increase over this year's budget.  This is about $59.3 million less than the $2.39 billion operating budget the Board

  • Sherwood HS School Improvement Plan(2)

    School Improvement Plan

  • Community Resources and Internet Sites Regarding Bullying

    Community Resources and Internet Sites Regarding Bullying   

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