Here is the text of her poem:

Good morning class of 2021
We have finally accomplished our middle school career,
but actually we have only just begun
You see, we are seeds growing in a very large garden
And we’ve been planted
ever since our life was granted,
We grow, and grow, and grow
We grow for the rest of our lives,
though the process maybe slow
But we never stop growing until the end of our time
And as we grow,
we obtain more nutritional values to continue our climb
But most importantly and essentially,
We grow in knowledge as we learn new things every day
Education, like a glorious treasure,
should be well guarded and never be taken away
And we don’t stop learning until our very last breath
You see, our mind has a never ending depth
It’s the deepest abyss on this land
And it never seems to have an end,
the deeper you go the wider the abyss seems to expand
No matter your race, religion or gender,
All of our minds have the same hunger
That same hunger to know anything and everything
That same hunger to accomplish what your hard work may bring
That same hunger to be the brightest light than a grand fire lit onto a ring,
But to be hungry, one must fight
Fight against the negativity and self-doubt that tries to hold you tight
But fighting as one, rather than fighting alone
will win battles so great that it will even rattle the stars,
making us the greatest army history has ever known
With our knowledge,
We can tear down the walls of injustice
We can pierce the heart of discrimination
We can cut through armies of racism
We can eradicate the harsh realities of gender equality and poverty
Our blades as sharp as our minds
And our arrows that never miss
Like how our words can hit harder than a thunderstorm of bullets
You know that saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword”
And we, the students,
Are those humble warriors
Be careful, because if we choose to look away
then the world will perish from blind ignorance and stupidity
But, we can win any war with our unity
One mustn’t be selfish with the gift we’ve received
From teachers who always believed
That they helped educate a future Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Mozart, or Martin Luther King
And they always dreamed of all the peace we could bring
But a fool cannot cure this broken land
For what help can the poor get from a greedy man?
Do not take advantage of the opportunities you have
But simply use your knowledge to fight to put this world on the right path
If you look back to when we first entered our middle school career
Eager, and young
We were soldiers
Untrained and unscathed
But as we leave,
We have learned many skills and bear many scars from our past
But now we set out to find out how
We can make a change in our own unique way
We are the future doctors, politicians, scientists, writers and more
Now, let us uncover what we have in store
And take the world by the hand and lead out on the dance floor
I charge and challenge you class of 2021,
use this incredible knowledge of yours to make the world a better one

Thank you.

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