MCPS has launched a partnership with Common Sense Education that will provide students with the resources and information they need to behave safely and responsibly with technology and social media. Digital Citizenship, the practice of being safe, smart and ethical while online, has become an area of focus for educators and families as the 24/7 digital lifestyle becomes increasingly  pervasive at school and home.  Full details of digital Citizenship at MCPS can be found here

A parent page, full of useful information, can be found here

A family media agreement can be downloaded here

Rosa Parks will be engaging in Digital citizenship lessons throughout the school year.  Each lesson is accompanied by a family tip sheet (available below) to help families bring the discussion home.

Lesson Day 1

October 13th 

  (Whole School) 

Think Before you Post


Lesson Day 2

November 3rd

6th: Cyberbullying: Be upstanding

7th: Gender Stereotypes online

8th: Cyberbullying: crossing the line



Lesson Day 3 

Dec 8th 

6th: Digital Life 101 

7th: My Media

8th: Trillion Dollar Footprint


Lesson Day 4 

Jan 5th

6th: Which me should I be pt1

7th: Safe online talk pt1

8th: Trillion Dollar footprint pt2 


Lesson Day 5 

Feb 16th

6th: Which me should I be pt2

7th: Safe online talk pt2

8th: A creator’s rights  


Lesson Day 6 

March 16th

6th:  Scams andSchemes   

7th: Ups and Downs of Digital Life

8th: Rework, Reuse, rewrite  



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