We are musicians who like to listen to music, discuss music and create music.  We know that classroom music experiences:
                                     - let us explore a variety of music genres and styles
                                     - help us to make aesthetic judgments
                                     - connect us to the past and other cultures
                                     - allow us to uniquely express our own ideas and emotions.

We will be inspired to be life-long lovers of music, performers, and consumers of music by following "The Resnik Way" each day. 

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                                                Ms. Zabel                                  Mrs. Vinson

About Us 

Ms. Zabel has been teaching music for many years and is absolutely delighted to be the full-time music teacher at Resnik.  She especially loves working with the chorus students.  In her spare time, she enjoys taking classes regarding Orff Schulwerk, World Drumming, and ballroom dancing. 

Mrs. Vinson teaches music at Resnik on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  She is also the music teacher at Woodfield Elementary in Damascus. This will be Mrs. Vinson's ninth year teaching music in Montgomery County after graduating from the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education.  She also holds a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from McDaniel College.  Mrs. Vinson loves teaching music, singing, dancing, and laughing with her students!  She has two young daughters at home who keep her busy and smiling when she isn't teaching!   

Upcoming Events/Announcements   


 Time to Sing!!! 
  • Fourth and Fifth Graders can sign up for Chorus now through Wednesday, September 20th.           
                 Please make sure both a parent and the chorus member sign the chorus contract.
                 Make sure you also have all uniform parts - you can purchase the chorus polo shirt from
                 Ms. Zabel for $15.00.  If this is a hardship, please contact Ms. Zabel at 240-740-3240 or
                                     - blue Resnik chorus polo-shirt
                                     - all black dress pants or skirt
                                     - all black dress shoes
                                     - all black dress socks or black tights

  • Third Graders start playing recorders!
             Please send in your child's recorder order form as soon as possible along with the $7.00 fee.  Please
             contact Ms. Zabel if you have any questions!                         



  • Performing MusicExplore steady beat.
  • Responding Music:  Respond to different meters through movement; demonstrate different vocal and instrumental tone colors.
  • Reading Music:  Read high and low, long and short icons. 

1st Grade

  • Analyzing and Responding to Music:  Identify same and different sections in music; follow musical cues; compare high and low sounds.    
  • Performing Music: Sing in a variety of vocal registers; play classroom instruments.                                                            

 2nd Grade

  • Analyzing and Responding to Music:  Classify classroom and orchestral instruments; demonstrate steady beat through movement.
  • Performing Music:  Sing with appropriate vocal technique and intonation.      
  • Reading and Notating Music: Music reading - la.                            

 3rd Grade    Whack-A-Note

  • Analyzing and Responding to Music:  Identify musical form - verse/refrain, cumulative; identify meter - duple vs. triple; conduct in two; use music vocabulary - andante/presto .  
  • Performing Music:  Sing with appropriate vocal technique; perform songs and dances of various periods and cultures; demonstrate proper playing technique for classroom instruments; perform an ostinato.

4th Grade

  • Analyzing and Responding to Music:  Identify contrasting and repeating phrases; music of North American cultures; connections between music and other content areas; describe songs and dances of various periods and cultures.
  • Performing Music:  Perform a varied repertoire of songs and rounds; playing technique - world instruments; perform an ostinato against contrasting parts. 
  • Music Reading:  in preparation for future.  
  • Music Notation:  in preparation for future.

5th Grade

  • Analyzing and Responding to Music:  Identify instruments by sight and sound; connections between music and historical events; conduct in various meters; audience behaviors.
  • Performing Music:  Vocal technique - diction and expression; chordal accompaniment; songs and dances of various periods and cultures.
  • Music Reading:  Melodic - in preparation for future.   

Online Resources

Cool YouTube Videos:

      Vivaldi, Winter, Four Seasons (Allegro),                     Beethoven, Symphony 7, Allegretto, mvt 2
                       with animated score

                Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates                                    JULIAN SMITH - Techno Jeep
              the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

Places to Visit:             ARTSEDGE/Perfect Pitch
                                    Classics for Kids
                                    Kennedy Center 
                                    Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
                                    National Philharmonic Orchestra
                                    Black Rock Center for the Arts
                                    Children's Chorus of Washington 

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