To help stay fresh over the summer our English & Math departments have identified some summer work for you to stay sharp! 



We look forward to seeing you in our classes next year. In order for you to maintain and strengthen your reading and writing skills, we urge you to read and write as much as you can during your months away from school. The ability to read is very important to an individual’s success in school and on the job. Reading is a life-long skill that a person needs to succeed not only as a student but also as a worker and a citizen. Perhaps even more importantly, reading opens the world to a person through newspapers, magazines, blogs, textbooks, and literature.

Research strongly suggests that reading, like most skills, improves with practice and decreases when we do not engage in it for even a short time. Therefore, consistent with our commitment to prepare you for success during school and after graduation, we continue to expect all of our students to read during the summer.

6th Grade Summer Reading Letter 2017

7th Grade Summer Reading Letter 2017

8th Grade Summer Reading Letter 2017

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The Pyle Math Department asks that students review math concepts over the summer. This helps students retain mathematics knowledge and prepares them for success upon their return to school in the fall. It is recommended that your child spend some time  over the summer break to maintain his/her math skills. There are many excellent summer programs available, and we suggest that you and your child select a summer long math program that best fits your needs . 


Students will have access to a site that is designed to help all MCPS middle grades students maintain their math skills during the summer months. These online resources will provide students with multiple opportunities to review concepts from this past school year. As students access the website they will select the page the matches the mathematics course they will be enrolling in for the upcoming school year (2017-2018).   The course page will then provide links to several different units of study. Each unit will contain multiple online resources, such as video tutorials, games, and many more challenging tasks. Please make sure that your child is signed onto their google account prior to logging into the website otherwise students may not be able to easily access some of the resources. The online tools can be found on the following website:  

Please feel free to choose an alternative summer math program if you feel one better fits your family’s needs. We suggest the program to be aligned with the Common Core to best prepare the student for the year ahead. If you will be without consistent internet access to use an online service or if you want supplemental materials, there are additional practice packets below. 

Summer Math Department Letter 2017


Math 6 Summer Practice Packet  Math 7 Summer Practice Packet IM Summer Practice Packet
Algebra Prep Summer Practice Packet      Algebra Summer Practice Packet  H. Geometry Summer Practice Packet

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