The Pyle Education Foundation:  Staff, parents and administrators working together to make Pyle a better place for your student.

Did you know that the Pyle Education Foundation spends about $50,000 each year to provide our children with programs and services not covered by the MCPS budget?
(See below for a list of currently planned projects and past expenditures.) 


Did you also know that the Pyle Education Foundation is solely supported by generous donations from you?


The Pyle Education Foundation raises funds to support needed projects that enrich and extend the education of the Pyle Middle School community. Working with Pyle staff, student, and parent leadership, the Foundation assesses the transformative potential of our combined resources to fund unmet facility, equipment, and program needs. We are a volunteer-run, 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt fundraising organization.


The Board is asking that you consider donating $100 to $150 per child to help fund all the projects the Foundation supports here at Pyle.


 Please DONATE NOW to the Pyle Education Foundation using PayPal or Pay For School Stuff  


The Pyle Cocktail Parties are Coming Soon!


Wood Acres - Saturday, March 18, 6-8

Home of: Gena & Brian Mitchell, 5904 Carlton Lane

Host Committee: 

Jami & Matt Axelrod 

Azeen & Bill James 

Kim & Bruce Levin 

Sally McCarthy & Andy Navarrete 

Karen McDonnell & Robert Latchford 

Danielle Miller Wagner & Joe Wagner 

Kelly & Mike Spector 

Becky & Brian Wiese 


Bannockburn – Saturday, March 18, 7-9

Home of:  Susan and Sean Eagle, 6610 Elgin Lane 

Host Committee: 

Sarah Craven and Matt McGuire 

Susan and Sean Eagle 

Alexandra Freeman and Doug Pyle 

Laura and Kevin Miller 

Wendy and Jonathan Putnam 

Kate and Jim Robinson 

Lisa Sorkin 

Tori and Sam Wales 

Miriam Weintraub and Steve Blanks 


Bradley Hills - Saturday, March 18th, 8-10

Home of: Yana Kravtsova & Kevin Jakel, 7306 Durbin Terrace 

Host Committee: 

Sherry & Matt Altman 

Charlotte Grant-Blom & Max Blom 

Jenn & Ian Gaum 

Sarah & Mohammed Najafi 

Rachel & Michael Svec 

Kim & Zachary Taylor 

Beth & Sergio Tello 

Beth Redlich & Howard Widra 


Burning Tree - Saturday, March 25, 7-9

Home of: Risa Bender and Ben Klubes, 7200 Armat Drive 

Host Committee: 

Cindy Campell and Tim Hannegan 

Stacie and Scott Gould 

Pallavi and Sunil Kachoria 

Lisa Shah and John Lodato 

Mary and Sal Zambri 

Dana and Ray Cruz 

Anne de Fontenay and David Hotes 

Yeages and Manny Cowan 


Carderock - Saturday, March 25, 8-10

Home of:  Wendy and Tom Kuhn, 7101 Saunders Court 

Host Committee: 

Leanne and Shawn Till 

Kim and Ryan Kuehl 

Karen and Shawn Roman 

Caroline Walsh and Greg Rosenberg 




 Every year the PEF awards grants to promote the mission to enhance education at Pyle and other public elementary and secondary education schools within the cluster, including all elementary schools that feed into Pyle and also Walt Whitman High School. The three broad categories for funding programs are:  School programs, facility improvements, and community outreach.  Grant amounts will be based on need, merit and available resources. PEF will be accepting grant applications on a rolling basis.  The PEF Board will review requests received and notify applicants promptly. 

 Follow this link to open a pdf of the Grant Invitation Letter, Guidelines and Application form:  


PEF Grant Forms


For more information you can also contact Wendy Kuhn at .  We are now accepting grant proposals for the 2016-2017 school year.


2015-2016 Projects: 

1.  Mindfulness instruction by Minds, Inc. for staff and students

2.  Shakespeare in the Classroom

3.  Thirty-two new laptops and a portable cart

4.  Choral risers

5.  Thirty-five new microscopes

6.  Fifteen new sewing machines.

7.  Drama and Technology training

8.  Two teachers to attend Educator's Initiative from North Carolina Outward Bound

9.  Three teachers to attend Association of Middle Level Educators conference in  Columbus, Ohio. 

10. Conference attendance for instrumental music teacher 

11.  Conference attendance for choral teacher

12.  Clinics for both choral and orchestra students

13.  Support of TAG mindfulness program

14.  Twenty new yoga mats and cart for monthly yoga for students

15.  Planners for rising Whitman freshmen 

16.  Co-funded Pyle App

2014-2015 Projects: 

1.  Fund the 6th grade Shakespeare Theatre program that 7th and 8th graders currently enjoy

2.  Fund a professional development conference for both the music director and the choral director, and another conference for a team of counselors, teachers and the assistant principal

3.  Launch a Mindfulness program for 8th graders in the Spring

4.  Send four faculty members to the Educator's Initiative program for leadership development


Seeking Transformative Ideas to Improve Pyle 

The Pyle Education Foundation funds projects that enhance the greater Pyle community. The Foundation focuses on projects for facilities, equipment and/or programs that have a multi-year impact. In looking to prioritize future fundraising goals, the Board of the Foundation is seeking suggestions for transformative projects for the 2016-201 school year and beyond. Any administrator, teacher, parent or student with suggestions should contact Mary Zambri or any of the PEF Board Members. We would love to hear from you. 

PEF Board Members (Parent Volunteers) for 2016-2017:

Mary Zambri (President), Jami Axelrod, Wendy Kuhn, Kim Levin, Matthew McGuire, Sarah Najafi, Beth Redlich, Rachel Svec,  and Chris Nardi (Principal).



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