Intramural Sports 2017-2018

The Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) middle school intramurals program is a planned extension of the physical education instructional programs.Although the athletic program offers a higher level of competition, its primary purpose is to provide the opportunity for advanced skill development for all 7th and 8th graders with interests and/or talents.    

Pyle Athletic Coordinator - TJ Caswell



  • Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form  (MCPS Form SR-8)  -  The Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form is valid for one year (for high school athletes) and two years (for middle school athletes) from the date of the exam, and covers participation for all sports within that time period. Students submit only the last page to the school/coach (Clearance Form). Schools keep the forms on file.  A partial list of  Clinics that offer Sports Physicals  within the Montgomery County area is available online.
  • Medical Card for Athletes  (MCPS Form 560-30)  - This form must be submitted for each sport in which the student wishes to participate.
  • Middle School Parent/Guardian Permission Form  - This form is for parents/guardians of middle school students who wish to participate in the middle school interscholastic athletics program. The form should be filled out and returned to the coach before students can participate.


Any 7th and 8th grade student who is interested in trying out for any of the teams must meet the following requirements:

To Try Out:

  1. Submit parent permission form.
    Athletics Permission Form
  2. Must have a physical from a doctor within the last two years.
  3. Current Health Inventory
  4. Meet academic standards-must maintain a 2.0 average with no more then one "E" from the previous marking period.
  5. Meet age requirements.

*The ECA Fee does not need to be paid until the student makes the team.

Once on a Team

  1. Must submit a completed medical card.
    MCPS form 560-30 (PDF)  
  2. Must submit a completed Transportation Form
    MCPS form 560-31 (PDF)
  3. Must pay Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) Fee
    MCPS form 280-37 (PDF)

Sports & Athletic Calendar

Fall Sports - Tryouts begin Sept. 12th  

Boys Softball: 3:30 Start time Coach Bobby Polley  

10/5 Tilden @ Pyle

10/17 Pyle @ Westland
10/19 Pyle @ Silver Creek
10/25 N. Bethesda @ Pyle
11/1 Pyle @ Hoover

Girls Softball: 3:30 Start time Coach Tim Coleman  

10/5 Pyle @ Tilden

10/17 Westland @ Pyle
10/19 Silver Creek @ Pyle
10/25 Pyle @ N. Bethesda
11/1 Hoover @ Pyle

Cross Country: 3:30 Start time Coach Anna Hays  

10/5 Tilden @ Pyle 

10/17 Pyle @ Westland
10/19 Pyle @ Silver Creek
10/25 N. Bethesda @ Pyle

Winter Sports - Boys Tryouts Begin Nov. 13th      Girls Tryouts begin Nov 27th 

Boys Basketball: 3:30 Start time

Coach Bobby Polley  

1/4 Tilden @ Pyle

1/16 Pyle @ Westland
1/18 Pyle @ Silver Creek
1/24 N. Bethesda @ Pyle
1/31 Pyle @ Hoover
2/6 Frost @ Pyle 

Girls Basketball: 3:30 Start time

Coach Monica Beatty  

1/4 Pyle @ Tilden

1/16 Westland @ Pyle
1/18 Silver Creek @ Pyle
1/24 Pyle @ N. Bethesda
1/31 Hoover @ Pyle
2/6 Pyle @ Frost 

Spring Sports - Tryouts Begin March 6th  

Boys Soccer: 3:30 Start time

Coach Reilly Barrett

4/5 Tilden @ Pyle

4/17 Pyle @ Westland
4/19 Pyle @ Silver Creek
4/25 N. Bethesda @ Pyle
5/2 Pyle @ Hoover

Girls Soccer: 3:30 Start time

Coach Greg Herbert

4/5 Pyle @ Tilden

4/17 Westland @ Pyle
4/19 Silver Creek @ Pyle
4/25 Pyle @ N. Bethesda
5/2 Hoover @ Pyle 

TJ Caswell Athletic Coordinator  

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