Grade 4

 2017 Grade 4 Team


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Mineralogy 4 Kids

Rocks for Kids

  Rock video and games

Rock Hounds


Study of Hurricanes

For Kids Only- Earth Science



Aesop's Fables

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Famous Children's Poems




Typing Program

Dance Mat Typing


Quarter 4 Inquiry - How our Earth's Surface is Changing

The earth's surface changes from natural and human causes.


Natural Causes Keywords: Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, erosion from wind or water, plate tectonics, glacier melting, climate change 


Human Causes Keywords: Global warming, Green house gases from creating fossil fuels, moving of the earth for construction, taking down trees , coal mining



Inquiry  Links on earth's changing surface


1. Weather Wiz Kids

2. Discovery Kids

3. NE Geology Kids

4. Pearson Education e-book chapter on Changes to Earth's Surface by Marcia K. Miller- Hint - Wait until it loads

5. Greenhouse Gases

6. Human impact on Earth's Surface- high level reader, suggest skim and scan


Biography Research Websites

1. Ducksters

2.Mr. Nussbaum Biographies  

3.Fact Monster Biographies of Famous People

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