Grade 3

2017 Grade 3 Team


Web 2.0 Marking Period 1

Project Focus: Students will be learning about ways to help animals in our community and how to care for pets.


Links for Reseach:

1. Poplar Springs

2. PAWS Kidspage

3.PBS kids animal cruelty

4.Saving Animals Project ideas

5. Utube video of Poplar Springs and animal stories

6. Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia article on animal rights

7. PBS Pet Care 

8. Martha Speaks video on pet safety

9. Pet Doctors website


Web 2.0 Marking Period 2- Technology Inquiry

What is the relationship between human wants, needs, and the development of technologies?

Teachers Model - Game changes


 Mrs. Kent's  Class- Transportation changes






Mrs. Petropouleas' Class- How Schooling has changed?




Mrs.Pinto's Class- Communication Changes




Writing ideas- Computer Word Processor




Web 2.0 Marking Period 4- Issue Inquiry -

Graphic Organizer of Pros/Cons





Both sides

School  Uniforms

Suited for Schoolwork 2014


Hot Button Issues in Education Today: School Uniforms-


Civics Lesson On Uniforms- New


 The Right Fit 2005


Dressed for Success 2005


  What to Wear Back to School 2013

Paper or Plastic



Plastic Predicament 2012

NASA Climate Page- New

Bag Battle 2011

Paper or plastic? 2008

Bagging the Bags 2010

Get Rid of Plastic Bags? 2012

Coed Sports

She's Got Game 2003

Boy Fights to Play Volleyball on Girls' Team 2012

What are the Benefits of Girls & Boys Playing Sports on the Same Team? 2013


Should Sports Teams be Coed? 2005


Storyworks, Nov/Dec. 2012, "Should Girls Play on Boys' Sports Teams?"



Marking Period 4- Inspiring People Photo Story Project

Mrs. Amato's Inspiring People Project

Mrs. Carroll's Inspiring People Project

Mr. Chiappone's Inspiring People Project

 State Research Websites

Cynthia Rylant

To Bee or Not to Bee


MAP Reading Practice

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