Grade 2

2nd Grade  50%



Multiple Skills website




Reading Websites

1. One More Story- In School Only


2. Bookflix- Need MCPL patron number and year of birth


3. Storyline- Actors read books


4. Tumble Books- School or Home







1. MAP Math Practice

2. Ann and Addem's Dartboard Game

3. Softschools

4. Clockworks



Social Studies

Wampanoag Indians - Use Natural Reader in Apps to read to students

Scholastic Wompanoag Website- This is a Thanksgiving webpage but includes a comparison of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag's lifestyles. Video included.

  Biography research websites
Inventions Research

  1.  History of the Camera 
  2. History of the telephone
  3. History of the car- Start with Henry Ford
  4. Importance of the refrigerator

Habitat Research 

1. Skyenimals for kids- Use Natural reader to read about the habitats. Don't choose" more information" as it goes to Wikipedia.
4. Missouri Botanical Gardens Habitat website- Use table of contents at left for categories on habitats
5. Idaho Public Television- short 3 minute videos on habitats. ( Choose Video shorts and high bandwidth)


Orchestra Links- Prepare for Strathmore visit

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