Staff Directory

PRINCIPAL - 301-649-8088

Name Position Email
Ms. Mildred Charley-Greene Principal
Mrs. Julie Rivera Administrative Assistant


Name Position Email
Ms. Sara Baudry  Assistant Principal
Mr. Jacob Lee Assistant Principal
Mr. Delmer Padgett Assistant Principal
TBA Assistant School Administrator

DEAN OF STUDENTS - 301-649-8142

Name Position Email
Mr. Artie Brown Dean of Students
Mr. Aaron Bernstein Assistant Dean of Students

MAIN OFFICE - 301-649-8088

Name Position Email
Ms. Megan Kreuzburg Secretary 
Ms. Tracey Lyles Secretary
Ms. Maria Palmeiro  Secretary


Name Position Email
Ms. Laura Mangano Attendance Secretary

BUSINESS OFFICE - 301-649-8291

Name Position Email
Ms. Suzy Duong Business Administrator
Mrs. Timasha Barnes Adams School Financial Specialist
Mrs. Farahnaz Lotfi Financial Assistant

GUIDANCE - 301-649-8270

Name Position Email
Dr. Maureen Ponce Resource Counselor 
Mrs. Aracelly Armas-Gonzalez Guidance Secretary
Mr. Rene Argueta ACES Coach
Ms. Christine Cappuccilli Counselor
Mr. Terrence Fisher Pupil Personnel Worker
Mrs. Ann Haughton Counselor
Mrs. Falesia Jones Counselor
Ms. Judith Kahn Registrar
Mr. John Rynn Counselor
Ms. Lekishia Stewart Counselor
Mrs. Carolyn West-Gipson Counselor
Ms. Tamara Wolfson Career Information Coordinator

SECURITY - 301-649-8142

Name Position Email
Mr. Craig Morrow Security Team Leader
Mr. Walter Barnwell Security Assistant
Ms. Tanja Harris Security Assistant  
Mr. Ricardo Nereira Security Assistant
Mr. Charles Newman Security Assistant
Mr. Edward Velasquez Security Assistant

ATHLETICS - 301-649-8229

Name Position Email
Mr. Marco Fuggitti Athletics Director


Name Position Email
Mr. Robert Gartrell IT Systems Specialist

BUILDING SERVICES - 301-649-8143

Name Position Email
Mr. Norman Brooks Building Services Manager
Ms. Brittney Bailey Building Services Worker
Mr. William Coleman Building Services Worker
Mrs. Chun Na Cai Building Services Worker
Ms. Patricia Figueroa Building Services Worker
Mr. Joshua Haanes-Olsen Building Services Worker
Mrs. Blanca Lizama Building Services Assistant Manager
Mr. Walter Railey Plant Equipment Operator
Ms. Romilia Del Carmen Soto-Montes Building Services Worker
Mr. James Stewart Building Services Worker

CAFETERIA - 301-649-8255

Name Position Email
Mr. Lap Koo Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Yue Chen Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Liqiong Choi Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Ginfeng Day Cafeteria Worker
Ms. Sandra Ray Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Xiang Ming Tan Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Zhi Jie Xi Cafeteria Worker
Mrs. Zhi Qin Xi Cafeteria Worker

ACADEMIES - 301-649-8288

Name Position Email
Ms. Holly Jones Academy Coordinator 
Ms. Kristen Da Cruz Technological and Environmental Systems Sciences Academy Head  
Mr. Daryl Alston Humanities, Arts and Media Academy Head
Mrs. Jamie Bisset Politics, Advocacy and Law Academy Head 
Mrs. Nicola Richards-Wright Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Education Academy Head
Dr. Heidi A. Temple Music, Theatre and Dance Academy Head


Name Position Email
Ms. Donna Brennan Ninth Grade Resource Teacher
Mr. Michael Sauter AP Specialist


Name Position Email
Mrs. Eden Reff-Presco Department Chair
Mr. Jeff Donald Teacher
Ms. Judith Falls Teacher
Ms. Emily Liddle Teacher
Ms. Kelsey O'Brien Teacher Kelsey_N_O'


Name Position Email
Ms. Nicola Richards-Wright Business Education Teacher/Department Chair
Dr. Sharon Carlton Business Education Teacher
Mr. Michael Davison Career Preparation Teacher
Ms. Maureen McEneaney Child Development Teacher


Name Position Email
Mr. Michael Barker Instrumental Music Director
Mrs. Meredith Lazzaro Dance Teacher
Mr. Cristian Lemus Dance Teacher
Ms. Corinne Luetje Dance Teacher
Dr. Brian Semos Piano/Guitar Teacher
Mr. Ryan Sullivan Choral Music Director
Dr. Heidi A. Temple Theatre Director

ENGLISH - 301-649-8278

Name Position Email
Ms. Miriam Plotinsky Resource Teacher
Mr. Corey Ahearn Teacher
Mr. Daryl Alston Teacher
Mrs. Christine Antezana Teacher
Ms. Fatima Binta Calhoun Teacher
Dr. Anika Burtin Teacher
Ms. Stephanie Cannon Teacher
Ms. Carolyn Dixon Composition Assistant
Mrs. Claire Dus Sault Teacher
Ms. Abigail Foss Teacher
Mr. Christopher Hawkins Teacher
Ms. Alyssa Holland Teacher
Ms. Carolyn Martinez-Ross Teacher
Ms. Victoria Merriweather Teacher
Ms. Joyanna Priest Composition Assistant
Mrs. Francesca Sacco Colaianni Teacher
Ms. Jeanette Simmons Teacher
Mr. Kevin Snider Teacher
Dr. Heidi A. Temple Teacher

ESOL - 301-649-8290

Name Position Email
Ms. Kristin Ruopp Resource Teacher
Mr. Luis Arce Teacher
Ms. Jennifer Austin Teacher
Ms. Heather Bradley Teacher
Ms. Sheryl Chiasson Teacher
Mr. Robert Gole Teacher
Ms. Jenny Gutierrez Teacher
Mrs. Kimi McGrath Teacher
Ms. Danielle McMasters Teacher
Ms. Maria Murcia Paraeducator
Mr. Steven Recalde Paraeducator
Mrs. Khadijah Ross Teacher
Ms. Belvey Russ Teacher
Ms. Iris Scott Teacher
Mr. Andrey Semirot Teacher
Mrs. Veena Seshadri Teacher
Mrs. Elsi Suazo Villatoro  Paraeducator
Mr. Christopher Wilhelm Teacher

MATHEMATICS - 301-649-8279

Name Position Email
Mr. David Lindsey Resource Teacher
Mrs. Leor Baldinger Teacher
Ms. Amy Beerman Teacher
Ms. Julie Brenner Teacher
Ms. Danielle Carter Teacher
Mr. Philip Chenier Teacher
Mr. Allyn Crews Teacher
Mrs. Lisa DeMoya Teacher
Mr. Eugenio Godoy Teacher
Ms. Annabella Letona Teacher
Mrs. Shawn Thomas-Royster Teacher
Mr. Warren David Wilkerson Teacher
Ms. Anna Wright Teacher
Mr. Justin Yoon Teacher

MEDIA CENTER - 301-649-8267

Name Position Email
Mrs. Eileen Seligman Media Specialist
Ms. Kirsten Norris Media Assistant
Mr. Johnny Thrift Media Services Technician


Name Position Email
Mr. Artie Brown Resource Teacher
Mr. Edward Allen Teacher
Mrs. Vikki Epps Health Teacher
Ms. Melissa Gonzalez Teacher
Mr. Dennis Harris Teacher
Mr. Anthony Nazzaro Teacher
Ms. Whitney Wolf Teacher


Name Position Email
Ms. Karen Kraus Resource Teacher
Mrs. Doretta Alford Teacher
Dr. Sharon Carlton Teacher
Ms. Courtney Conklin Teacher
Mrs. Kristen Da Cruz Teacher
Mr. Zeebedee Ducre Teacher
Dr. Kirsten Frank Teacher
Mr. Steven Karig Teacher
Dr. Lori Kurth Teacher
Mrs. Helene Mclaughlin Teacher
Mr. Paul Meyer Teacher
Mr. Erol Miller Teacher
Ms. Kelly Mills Teacher
Mr. Lloyd Shockley Teacher
Mr. Henrique Vissotto Teacher
Ms. Elizabeth Wade Teacher
Mr. Max Wright Teacher

SOCIAL STUDIES - 301-649-8274

Name Position Email
Ms. Courtney Osborne Resource Teacher
Mrs. Monica Bond-Lamberty Teacher
Mr. Adam Boorstein Teacher
Mr. Paul Bove Teacher
Ms. Isabel Incorvati Teacher
Mrs. Margaret Jessell Teacher
Mr. Robert Kuney Teacher
Ms. Victoria Lee Teacher
Ms. Molly Mayer-Whittington Teacher
Ms. Kelly O'Neill Teacher Kelly_J_O'
Mr. Andrew Peim Teacher
Mr. Daniel Stein Teacher
Ms. Anastasia Zahner Teacher


Name Position Email
Mr. Anthony Dickens Resource Teacher
Mr. Robert Chapman Paraeducator
Ms. Shanna Engel Teacher 
Mr. Jason Gray Paraeducator
Mr. Gregory Kotch Teacher
Dr. Donald Nixon Teacher
Ms. Zully Pineda Paraeducator
Mr. Giovanni Reumante Paraeducator
Ms. Tara Srinivas Paraeducator
Mr. Benjamin Vogel Paraeducator


Name Position Email
Mrs. Katharine Scheig Resource Teacher
Mrs. Joanne Bryson Paraeducator
Ms. Rowena Deluca Paraeducator
Ms. Dana Dennis Teacher
Mr. Michael Dunn Teacher
Ms. Margaret Fletcher Teacher
Mr. Joseph Hall Paraeducator
Ms. Lisa Hall Paraeducator
Mrs. Jennifer G. Harris Transition Support Teacher
Mr. Jesse Hull Teacher
Mrs. Sarah Jackson Teacher
Mr. Louis Levine Paraeducator
Ms. Kristen Loughney Teacher
Ms. Tammy McMillen Paraeducator
Ms. Paulette Medley Paraeducator
Mr. Alix Medor Teacher
Ms. Sara Money Paraeducator
Mr. Simon Moore Paraeducator
Mr. Tracy Roberts Teacher
Ms. Kristy Schwatka Teacher
Mrs. Joanna Shahid Paraeducator
Mrs. Lynne Stevens Speech Pathologist
Ms. Deneen Turner Teacher
Ms. Robyn Watts Teacher
Ms. Anna Wolfe Paraeducator

STAFF DEVELOPMENT - 301-649-8232

Name Position Email
Mr. Ryan Casavant Staff Development Teacher
Ms. Miriam Plotinsky Staff Development Teacher

WORLD LANGUAGES - 301-649-8185

Name Position Email
Ms. Brandy Reazer Resource Teacher
Ms. Luisa Chaney Teacher
Ms. Ana Cruz Teacher
Mrs. Maria Marilin Jefferson Teacher
Ms. Sherry Lin Teacher
Ms. Maryse Maillochon-Petasis Teacher
Mrs. Tania Pacheco Teacher
Mr. Edgardo Sermeno Teacher
Mrs. Ares Torres Teacher
Mr. Daniel Warrington Teacher